Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wherein I realize my Mother is no typical Grandmummy

As I walked up the driveway hands full of groceries I noticed something that wasn't there before.  Something that need not be there.  An unusual object.  Something I knew had to do with my Mum's (otherwise known to my sons' as Gaga) visit.

I walked into the kitchen to find her and Finley peacefully having a snack of peanuts and the usual Grandma treats that always come along with her.  They had been to the park for the past hour and a half together.  Enjoying the beautiful sun and fresh air.

A regular day out as Gaga and Youngest Grandson.

Except not really.  Nothing is ever entirely regular when it comes to my Mum.  She is referred to as Gaga after all.  (a result of my eldest not being able to pronounce Grandma at the age of 18 months)

That item I noted sitting on our driveway?

Was a walker.

And though my Mother may be a Grandmother, a walker using Grandmother she will (hopefully) never be.

She had found this walker at the park - no one was around - so she decided to take my littlest for a cruise around the park in it...up the hill, down the hill and around the bend and then proceeded to give him a ride all the way home with him perched on top of it.  Which happens to be over 2 blocks away!  Can you picture it now?  Is there something a little unusual, with this image?

It is so entirely something only my Mother would do.  Quirky, funny.  Totally original.

Now I need to somehow track down that poor person who's without their walker - surely it was stolen right?  No one goes to the park with a walker and miraculously leaves without one...

(It's hiding in my garage for now.  Just in case someone is out scoping the area for their stolen walker - I would hate to be accused of such a crime!)

My Mum continued to zoom him around our streets on this in front of the neighbours
 insisting he "hold on tight now!"

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Tanya said...

All I can say is LMAO!!