Thursday, July 12, 2012

Titmouse what?

Dinner was in the oven and we were waiting for John to arrive home from work.

Britney Spear's "Til the World Ends" was blaring and Finley was in his happy place dancing like the sumo wrestler he believes he is even though he has no idea what a sumo wrestler is.

Adrian was also dancing around...though his dancing is more like a cross between gymnastics and spastic Elaine from Seinfeld moves.

Then he started chanting.

Something that sounded an awful lot like "Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!" but I couldn't quite be sure because of the Britney concert happening in my living room and my littlest quite honestly believing he was one of her back up dancers.  Sumo wrestler style back up dancer.

"What did you say?" I yelled sternly over the music.  I could have turned it down easily enough but I hate when my music is interrupted and frankly I have a (now) not so secret love for that song.

He came over and yelled in my ear, "TIT!  I said TIT!"  I know he was actually saying the "S" word just to see if I would catch him at it - he's a bit of a button pusher to say the least.  Also? He obviously hadn't heard the word 'tit' before and had no idea what he was referring to.

"That's not a nice word Adrian.  Please don't repeat that again."

"What tit?  Tit's a great word!"  Clearly all boy here.

"No. No it isn't.  Titmouse maybe.  But not tit."

Really?! Did that sentence really just come out of my mouth?!

Oh yes.  Yes it did.

File this under the things you never thought you would say until you became a Mother.

(Truth be told I had no idea what a titmouse even was...that is until I googled it...I actually thought it was related to the mouse family.  FYI - It is not.)

This is a Titmouse.  It's a BIRD!

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