Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Wisdom of a Four Year Old

I surveyed my kitchen which looked like every cupboard including random food items from the refrigerator were strewn across my small counter space trailing into a pile in the sink.

Sighing with the thought of not knowing where to start I donned my pink rubber dish washing gloves.

I really hate the colour pink.

My boys ran into the kitchen and began rummaging through the drawer that housed the utensils they're allowed to play with and came up brandishing wooden spoons.

"Mumma!  Come play Harry Potter with us!  I will be Harry Potter and Finley can be the other boy and you can be the girl."

"Bud I just need to get these dishes done and then I can play...it's okay.  You guys go on ahead and play together."

I'll admit right now...playing imaginary games with my boys is not my forte.  Give me a hockey stick or a soccer ball.  A puzzle or a colouring book. A walk in the woods or even the park.  But imaginary play?  I suck at.  And truth be told...I would rather wash dishes than play imaginary Harry Potter.  Especially cast as the frizzy haired bossy curmudgeon with the unfortunate name of Hermione.  Why couldn't I be Ron?  He's funny!  And likable!  And I can pronounce his name!

"Pleeeease Mumma!  Come play!"

"C'mon Mummy!"  Even my 2 year old was in on it.

"I will play with you.  I promise.  Just give me 15 minutes to clean up the kitchen."  Quite possibly the game of Harry Potter might be done by then.  My fingers were crossed.

"What's gonna happen if you don't clean the kitchen?"

I stopped.  I looked at my 4 year old and my 2 year old's adorable faces.  Tilted up.  Staring at me expectantly.  With magical enthusiasm.  Their 'wands' held tightly in their little fists.

Ding.    Ding.   Ding.   


I pulled off my dreadful pink latex gloves one by one.

"What will happen Mumma?  Will the police come?"

Alright, alright kid.  You got me.  

I laughed and told him, "Nothing honey.  Nothing will happen if I don't clean up the kitchen right now.  Let me get my wand out..." as I reached into the drawer and retrieved the last available wooden spoon.

They say your children will teach you more than you will ever teach them.  How true that is. I learned some  very important lessons that day.

1.  Nothing actually does happen when you don't get the dishes done.  

2.  Imaginary play I may still be terrible at...but my sons' will cut me some serious slack.

3.  I can make a mean pair of Harry Potter glasses with cardboard, black electrical tape and an elastic.  Clearly I am much craftier and innovative than I've ever given myself credit for.

So he's missing some clothing.  But how can you not be impressed with that magical stance!??
(he even made me draw the scar on his forehead...except I put it on the wrong side)


middle child said...

We can learn so much from kids if we just listen. It is difficult to stop and listen when we are juggling all the balls. What if we drop one? Then what? And as you found out, NOTHING. Nothing will happen. My kids are grown and my grandkids aren't babies amymore but you will be absolutely amazed at the things they remember. Things you never even considered as out of the ordinary. I have said it to you before. You are a really good mom.

Mel said...

This is such a great lesson. One that my kid has taught me over and over.
Also, those HP glasses are the bomb!

WhisperingWriter said...

Aw. Great lesson. And I love that picture!