Thursday, February 2, 2012

This Is My Life

I take a break amidst the flurry of cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen.  Between switching loads of laundry and picking up toys.  Between making lists and birthday preparations of which I always feel overwhelmed with.

I sit at the kitchen table amongst plastic Scooby Doo placemats and a smattering of crumbs from breakfast.

It's 2 pm.  The crumbs are still there.  And I'm still in my pajamas.

I sit at the kitchen table on the chair that my husband amazingly recovered with brown faux leather seats.  .

I look out the window, sitting cross legged on this recovered brown chair, elbow on thigh, chin in hand.

I watch out my patio doors as the grey clouds move fast over glimpses of blue sky.  The sun was just out shining through my windows a half hour ago...highlighting the dust and fur accumluting on my wood floors.  In corners.

I still have to clean these floors.

But it can wait.

I sit and I watch and I think.  I breathe.  I relax.  I look around and realize how quiet it is.

Peaceful though not tidy.

The boys are napping.  A rare moment of serenity.

Ah yes.  Serenity.

A foreign word in this busy and beautiful life of mine.

This is my life.

Yes.  This. Is. My. Life.

This is what I do.

Many people may read that last line and think this life of mine would never be enough for them.

Or maybe not.


I cannot imagine my life being any other way.

I've embraced it...though not always do I appreciate it.

So right now I will.

I do.

I watch a squirrel run along the fence.

The sun peeks out again from the clouds.

The clouds move on.


my3littlebirds said...

Love this. I'm glad you took a moment just to soak it all in. xoxo

Nicolette said...

Great post! My daily routine is similar and it's hard for people to understand my choice to stay at home. It's not for everyone but it is perfect for us.

middle child said...

Enjoying what you do have is the way to live. People are in such a rush that they miss all the true beauty.