Monday, February 6, 2012

11 Questions from Ado

Oh hello again!  I'm doing something different and interesting today.  My dear friend Ado over at The Momalog has some questions for me.  I love questions because then I can pretend I'm kind of a big deal and talk about myself.

Read on if you'd like to know EVEN more about moi...

1.  If you met your favorite movie star and could say whatever you wanted to him or her in 140 characters or less, what would it be? (and who is the movie star?)

My favourite movie star is Meryl Streep.  I love her...she's down to earth and she's brilliant at her craft.  If I met her I'd probably just be annoying and gush over and over again how brilliant I think she is.  And how much I love her.  It would probably go something like this, "OH MY GOSH.  I love you!!!!  I think you're brilliant. I've never cried harder than when I saw Bridges of Madison County. Will you adopt me?" (nothing against my Mum - I love her to pieces of-course but if I could choose who my mother would be other than my own, it would be Meryl Streep.)

2.  What's your dream?

Owning my own cafe or bistro with my husband. It would be small yet full of character.  Bright and and full of whimsy.  Lots of turquoise decor with splashes of yellow and red. To spend my day making delectable creations with food would make me incredibly happy.  My husband would manage it and be the 'personality' of the place because he has lots and is amazing with people.  People would flock from all over to try my veggie burritos and samosas.

I believe this will happen someday.  I really do.

3. Ever had a scary parenting moment?

As a matter of fact I had my first one not too long ago.  My 4 year old son went missing for what seemed like an hour which in actuality was more like 2 minutes.  The longest two minutes of my life.

4.  Something besides your children that you are proud of.

I'm proud of my marriage.  We truly do have each other's backs.

5.  What's your favorite book?  Why?

So, I'm not one of those people that can read Emily Bronte or Edgar Allen Poe.  I'm no brainiac that can even begin to want to try.  I could barely get through 'Atlas Shrugged' by Ayn Rand or 'Women in Love' by D.H. Lawrence.  Actually, I never did finish either of those books and it bugs me to this day.

To pick just ONE book that's my favourite is next to impossible.  But I do have two novels that come to mind immediately.  'The Book of Negroes' by Lawrence Hill (who's Canadian btw!) and 'The Shell Seekers' by Rosamunde Pilcher.  Both have very strong female main characters.  These women have stayed with me since I devoured the books.  And I do mean devoured.  I couldn't put either of them down.

I also just finished one of the best books that I've read in a very long time.  It's called The Lunatic Parlour.  I read it in less than two days. I basically read it while cooking, disciplining my children and eating. It's a haunting yet humorous, intense and beautifully written novel by none other than my lovely friend, Adrienne. (who happens to be the person asking me these fun questions and also happens to have one of the best names EVER).

6. What's in your fridge?

A layered nacho dip that I made for Superbowl Sunday that didn't get eaten, apples, lemons, blueberries, strawberries, brocolli, green beans, green onions, peppers, avocados, milk, mango juice, pineapple juice, white wine, lots of different kinds of cheese, hummus, beer, ... can you tell I just went grocery shopping? (I'd show you a picture but embarrassed by the state of it)

7. Do you make your bed everyday?  Do you make your kids make theirs?  Why/why not?

I TRY to make my bed everyday.  I used to religiously.  Then I had kids and they mess it up anyway so I don't see the point.  I usually quickly make it up before I crawl into bed at night because I hate going to bed with untucked, messy, crumpled up sheets.  Adrian attempts to make his bed once in a while but he just turned 4 so it's a work in progress.  Fin's still in a crib (and he will remain in it until he figures out how to climb out of it) so all he has are about 4 different blankets piled in heaps.  So, no, I don't make him make his bed.

8.  What's your kid's best riddle or joke?

Okay so I just asked Adrian if he could tell me a joke and here it is;

"Knock, knock"

Who's there?

"Ironman's at the door!"

Can you tell he made that up?  Did I mention he just turned four?

(Note to self - must work on teaching my child jokes and riddles)

9. Epidural or au naturel?

With Adrian I wanted a natural childbirth.  However as I was up for over 24 hours before I could start pushing and a whole lot of other awful variables that occurred I ended up with an epidural. Now, that being said, the epidural was done, finished, out, kaput, empty by the time I pushed him out of my body and therefore I felt every little bit of him leave my birth canal....sooooo.  I'm not sure how to answer that.  As for Finley - because I knew how f*&^%$g painful it was I was all hell's yeah! to the 'happidural' as the nurses perfectly referred to it.

10. Ask your children what they like about you and what bugs them about you and write it verbatim here.

I asked Finley what he liked about me and he blew a raspberry in my face.  Not sure what that means.  And then I asked him what annoys him about me and he just said, "Ummm."  So.  that's a good sign.  Maybe?

Here's Adrian:

Me sitting in front of my son as he is playing Mario Kart on his DS, "Aidy, what do you like about me?"

"Because I love you."

"What annoys you about me?"

"Talking to me while I'm playing Mario Kart"

11.  Do you have any advice for Snooki?

Being a hot mess 24/7 for the entire world to see is not attractive.  These moments will come back to haunt you someday when and if you ever have children.  God bless those poor souls.

MY QUESTIONS to anyone that wants to answer them: (I'm a rule breaker)

If you could be anyone for one day who would it be and why?

What would be your last supper?  Include appetizer, main course and dessert.

Your best day?

Ask your husband and your best friend what your best quality is.  What did they say and do you agree?

If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be?

Your favourite colour.

Salty or sweet?

Your least favourite household chore.

If you could time travel would you go to the past or the future?

Would you rather be stuck on a deserted island with 5 people you hate or all alone?

Your top 3 destinations and who would you take?


Kristin said...

YES, YES you will own a gorgeous little cafe! I barely know you January but when I read that it just seemed so fitting with what I have read into you through your blog. The whole picture was clear in my head and it totally seemed right! YAY for such a great plan for the future, one day! I love q&a day!

January Dawn said...

Aw Kristin - you are SO sweet. Thank you!!!

Ado @ The Momalog said...

I'm so glad you answered my Q's because I just loved this post. (-:
And we have so much in common! I want Meryl Streep to adopt me too! Her 3 gorgeous daughters - I think they went to her alma mater, Vassar, too - and had a normal EC upbringing. An amazing feat considering how famous she is. So if we were her daughters we would've gone to Vassar too! (-:
I loved the raspberry he blew at you at the end. So verbal! Such eloquence!
Also loved your questions. I'm going to answer them in a blog post one of these days. (-: