Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions I Won't Make in 2012

A fun twist on resolutions!  I usually make one or two a year.  Though I don't write them down, they tend to bounce around in my brain and I usually stick to them.  

That's because I aim low.  

However, this idea is more up my alley and way more fun to write about.  Enjoy!

1.  Quit biting my nails.

This is a gross habit but I'm not ocd about it.  I don't have ugly, bitten down to the quick nails.  They simply look short on a good day and a tad ragged on a bad one. I tend to stick my fingers in my mouth when I'm deep in thought or stressed out about something.  Attractive I know.  I will probably never stop doing this much to the chagrin of my husband.  I did the acrylic nails thing for years and when I stopped getting them done...I started up this disgusting habit again.   Yay me.

2.  Blog more.

I blog when the mood hits but mostly when I have time which is a rarity.  And that's all I can say.  I have no interest in doing anything big with this humble little blog of mine.  The fact that I have 60 people that enjoy my writing enough to click "follow" makes me feel  pretty damn good. It's not much in the whole big blogger scheme of things but I appreciate all of you nonetheless and I thank you for all of your kind words when you take the time to comment.

3.  Stop drinking coffee.

Why??  Why would someone do that???

4.  Exercise more.

If I work out two to three times a week I'm content.  It's more than most people and less than some.  That's it, that's all.

5.  Eat healthier.

Again....why??  Why would people want to eat salads day in and day out???  That's why I exercise!  So I can eat pasta and cookies.  By no means am I a junk food junkie and I do eat my share of veggies and salads.  But I do love my cheese.   And wine.

6.  Drink more water.

I know we're supposed to drink 8 - 10 glasses of water a day.  What I would like to know is who actually does that?  If I drank that much liquid in a day I'd need to wear Depends.  I may have a birthday coming up soon, but I'm not at that stage of my life quite yet.

7.  Get my hair done more than twice a year.

Not gonna happen.

8.  Learn how to speak Swahili, Spanish or any other foreign language.

As much as I would love to learn another language and it's IS on my bucket list this will not be happening anytime soon.  It requires far too many brain cells and at this point of my life my little boys have destroyed most of them.  I need a few more years to get the frissons in my brain going again before I have enough built up to learn another language.

9.  Not become slightly depressed and anxiety ridden every time my husband travels.

This is not about him getting on a plane.  This is about me.  Being alone.  With two very young boys.  Who make me insane at least 12  three times a day.

10.  Floss more.

No matter how many times my dentist kindly lectures me with that disappointed look on his face, I never learn.  Flossing bores me.  Surprisingly this reason doesn't fly with him.  But isn't that why they invented mouthwash?

Happy New Year's to you my beautiful friends!  May this year bring you lots of fabulous things.  Like a shopping spree.  Or free money.  A new car?

How about simply happiness...enjoying the small moments.

Because 'things' won't bring you does.


Stasha said...

Flossing is not only boring but splatters always make my mirror dirty. Or I am doing it wrong.
The two words in Swahili I learned quickly are matiti and Matako. Cause I have none of first and big second. You are welcome...
Great list. HAPPY 2012!

Recovering Supermom said...

I go really long times between getting my hair cut and I always have the same conversation with the stylist where I promise to try to come back in sooner. Never seems to happen though.
Great list! Glad you posted! :)

Robin-Lee said...

This list of "non-resolutions" seems about right! Except the nail biting thing- but I've got knuckle crackin'... I think it's in the same category- especially when you consider that I usually do it for the same reasons that you bite your nails...

Anyways- happy non-resolved New Year to you! May some things just stay the way they are! :P (But mostly may your happiness abound greatly this year!!!)

AudreyN said...

Working out to eat is the only reason to workout. And I need to gt my haircut more too, yet never do