Monday, December 19, 2011

The Day I Trumped Santa

I settled myself on my side beside him on his bed, my right hand tucked under the pillow, my left under my chin.  He flipped onto his side and faced me, the glow of colourful Christmas lights shining softly in through his bedroom window.

It had been a day full of activity and excitement.

We had a rare date at the mall that morning, just the two of us. We shopped til we dropped, rode the mall 'aldigator' (elevator) and had lunch.  Later that afternoon, Nana and Poppa visited.  We all went to our neighbour's Christmas party where Santa made an appearance.  Adrian had advised Santa of his Christmas Day gift request - another Iron Man costume.  His fourth one....he literally wears them out.  He then ran around with his buddies on a sugar high for a few hours and then rode around on his bike with them outside while my Dad and my husband watched and chatted about whatever it is son-in-laws and father-in-laws chat about.


As the sun died down and the air turned frigid, in they all trudged in smelling of the crisp outdoors to wreak havoc  continue their play in the basement.  And talk more sports.

As the ladies (that would be me and my dad's wife) chatted about everything under the sun (because that's what women do) and prepared dinner.

Dinner was served, lovely conversation was had, hugs and kisses were given, good byes were said and then it was bed time for the boys.

Yes, a busy day indeed.

"What was your favourite part of the day bud?"  I asked Adrian as he lay facing me, the kaleidoscopic gleam of lights shining on his cherubic cheeks.

I love asking this question and I am always sincerely interested in his answer.  For my child is anything but predictable when it comes to the workings of his mind.

But this time I was so sure, entirely positive the highlight of the day would be Santa.

He answered without hesitation.  No pause, no beat in between my question and his reply.

And his answer made me realize just how important time spent alone with each child means more to them than we could ever fully realize.

"Going to the mall with just you Mumma."

And I smiled at my sweet boy who didn't know how much those words affected me right then and there.

Words that I will never forget.  Words that will live forever in my heart.

For today was the day I trumped Santa.


The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

Oh my goodness! I would've stayed snuggled up in that bed with him all night! What a sweet boy you have! Nothing beats one on one time with mommy. So happy you were both able to end your fun filled day with a moment like that.

Lisa said...

Aw January. That's the best.