Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adrian and the Beanstalks

It was a mild December day and Adrian and I were out for a walk looking for the 'Shield Park.'

My son was determined to go to this particular park where apparently a shield or some shield-like structure exists.

I have no idea, and still have no idea what or where this shield park is, for we never did locate it.

But we did have a very enjoyable couple of hours together walking around the neighbourhood trying to find it.

And also some very interesting conversations.

Such as...

Adrian, "What a beautiful day!"

Me, "It is a beautiful day...even though the sun's not shining, it's nice and warm isn't it?"

Adrian, "Yeah.  Except there's no beanstalks."

And I nod my head as we walk along hand in hand, thinking...

....those beanstalks could very well be growing at that mysterious shield park.

One just never knows.

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