Thursday, November 17, 2011

When all else fails, kill her with compliments

There was some talk about getting ice cream just before dinner.

On a cold, dark night in November, ice cream and going out into the cold, dark November night is not particularly appealing.

I'm all about promising nothing unless I know for sure I'll be able to follow through.

Promises are meant to be kept.  Not broken.

It's one of my mantras.

"We'll see buddy. Now eat your dinner okay?"

He looked down at the uninspired meal in front of him.

Meatballs, rice and salad.  Meh.

He looks at me and leans over to put his head on my shoulder.  "Mumma, you make the most delicious dinners ever."

"Thanks Aidy.  But you haven't had anything to eat yet."

"I know!"  He chirps.

Oh, I know where this is going.

He looks over at me and gives me his cutest most dimply smile.

"Mumma, you are the best cook EVER.  I love your cooking.  And Daddy loves your cooking too."

"Thanks honey.  You're very sweet."  Now keep eating Mister, I think to myself.

"Mmmmmm.  These meatballs are the BEST MEATBALLS EVER!"

Okay, he's going a bit overboard here.

"Are they?  Well, I didn't make the meatballs tonight."

"Oh.  Who made them?"

"Another person did, at the store."

He grabs my arm closest to him and kiss, kiss, kiss up my sleeve, looks up at me, bats his long, dark eyelashes that he most certainly didn't get from me and says, "Mumma this is really, REALLY good rice."

Alright already!

Ice cream it was.

And look at how happy those munchkins are!


Ellen said...

What a little charmer (aka schemer/scammer). I particularly liked the kissing up the arm ploy.

Dana said...

Haha. I'm a sucker for the batting of the long, dark eyelashes too.

paradigmjohn said...

Laughing to tears on this one. I have noooo idea where he learned his complimentary charm... :)