Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Rare Moment

 I'm linking up over at My 3 Little Birds again for Mary Lauren's MOMents. Mary Lauren is one of my favourite writers/bloggers who's pieces fill and light up the soul.  Pay a visit.  You won't be disappointed.


Your brother was napping and you asked to go outside to ride your bike.

I usually ensure that the 2 hours your brother sleeps we have some quiet time, but today, for the reason simply because, I obliged.

You strap on your helmet and off you go calling out behind you, "Watch this Mumma!"

I watch you.

As you speed down our quiet road, your small yet muscular legs pumping furiously fast.

You quickly skid to a stop, the back tire swinging out to the side as you plant your one leg down to the ground, your other foot remaining on a pedal.

You beam.  So proud.

I smile back at you.  My little trickster.

You continue to ride around as I stand and call out the occasional, "Wow bud, look at you go!"

You bike over to me at the curb, where I stand in front of our house and state dramatically, "My legs are so tired Mumma.  I need a break."

I laugh at your precocious words and we walk back to our front steps.

It was getting a little cool so I quickly stepped inside to grab a jacket.

It happened to be your Dad's.

My husband.

A warm grey fuzzy liner that is much too big for me.

"Is that Daddy's?"


You walk over to where I sit on the top step, open up the jacket that I had wrapped around my front, turn around to sit on my lap, putting your little arms in each sleeve where mine are.

I pull your hands through the hand holes then zip the jacket up around us both to make us 'comfy and cozy' just as you like.

"We're like a cocoon."  I say my cool cheek next to your warm one, enveloping you with our arms.

I look around at the elongating shadows of the trees and homes in front of us, the bright autumn sun behind us, the clear blue cloudless sky above and feel completely quiet inside for the first time.

In a long, long time.

You sit with me as the time ticks by.

I keep waiting for your ever active body to spring up and run from me onto the next adventure.

But you don't.

You sit with me.

Just as still.  Just as quiet.

No distractions. No buzzing background noise.

Just the simple sounds of nature...a bird chirp, the rustling of leaves as the gentle breeze tumbles through the tree in our front yard.

A few yellow leaves drift aimlessly from our front yard tree and I am feeling ever so grateful.

For this life I lead and take for granted all too often.

I hold you closer and still we sit, seeing through different eyes but eyes that are so similar in colour.

Looking in the same direction. Seeing a different view.

In life.

One as a 33 year old Mother.  Another as a 3 year old little boy.

My son.

It's just us.

A rare moment.

A perfect moment.


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

This put a lump in my throat, January! They're so precious, the moments so fleeting...

The Loerzels said...

Awww...this brings me back to when I was 33 and my kids were little. Savor it!

Ado said...

Okay, another beautiful post January.
You have a really calm way of writing about the small, unspectacular moments in life that transforms the ordinary into what it really is: the extraordinary.
Loved-loved-loved this one.

my3littlebirds said...

Aren't you so happy that you agreed to go outside with him? And as I read I could just see him speeding down the road, and then the two of you sharing a minute of peace together. Loved it! Thank you for letting us all share this sweet moment.

parentingadabsurdum said...

I love this. It's rare that I get quality one on one time with each boy, but I love it so much when I do. They're different little people when they get your full attention.

January Dawn said...

Thank you 5 times over! Your wonderful comments mean the world to me. And Dweej...awww. ;)