Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Get Well Soon!

I awoke feeling miserable which was compounded by the fact that my dear husband was going golfing on this beautiful holiday Monday.

I was simply dealing with a common cold but of-course having to take care of my sweet, adoring off-spring (who certainly were NOT acting sweet and adoring this day) instead of him as I stayed in bed made a teeny tiny part of me hate him.  (of-course I don't really hate him!...I love you honey!  kiss kiss!)

Off and away he went, whistling with a skip to his step I'm sure, as I stood bleary eyed, red nosed, snivelly and greasy.

I was getting no sympathy from my boys except for the occasional "Bless you" from Adrian as I sneezed 80 times in a row.

Or my 2 year old would look over at me after my marathon sneezing session and ask softly, "Uhkaayyy?"

To which I would answer, every time (because how can you not, that's so cute.) "Yes, buddy, I'm okay.  It's just a sneeze."

They ran around like maniacs, throwing toys, yelling, screaming and torturing each other as I merely looked on from the kitchen table.  Too tired to do a thing.


I stood in the middle of the kitchen as my boys took sips of their juice and spit it out.

On the floor.


I have no idea where this fabulous idea came from but I was abhorred by it.

My children don't do crap like this.

No, really!

I smacked my hand down on the table between them and yelled in my pathetic nasally voice, "That's ENOUGH!"

They laughed.

So I resorted to begging.

"Please do not do this to me right now guys.  I feel terrible and sick and I simply do not have the energy to deal with this right now."



Adrian, "Mumma, where are my scissors?  And some paper?  I will make you a card.  It will make you feel better and you will stop sneezing."

My heart may have melted a little bit.

I found his scissors and he picked out a blue piece of construction paper as I opened up our massive container of crayons.

He stood at his table and peeked over his shoulder to make sure I wasn't looking.

Finley joined him.

Then they proudly brought over my first 'Get Well' cards to me as I stood blowing my nose raw for the thousandth time that morning.

And the rest of my heart turned to mush.

All was forgiven.

As it always is.

I've titled this one myself.
"Slash and Burn!" by Adrian 3 yrs 8 mths

This reminds me of a spring day...flowers perhaps?
I have no idea....the child isn't even 2.  I'll give him a break on this one.
**I do believe the artwork tells a bit about my sons personalities no?**

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Aw, I love this. :)