Thursday, October 27, 2011

Craftery from an Uncrafty Mother Part Deux - Hallowe'en

You might remember this post from back in April.

I'm about to go there again....aren't you lucky?

I am fully aware that I am a most uncrafty type of Mother. But for some reason I just can't embrace it.  I feel the compulsive NEED to do something crafty with my children every holiday or season.  There's this little awful gremlin-type voice that puts the countdown on me when it gets close to Christmas, Easter, or the Summer Solstice (okay maybe not the Summer Solstice) and it nags and nags that I am a horrible, neglectful Mom if I don't get crafty right this minute until I research online frantically to find something that involves minimal mess and as little 'craft-like' utensils as possible.

So this Hallowe'en I did a few crafts...(chest puff).  And I would like to share them with you all.

Of-course they did not all turn out as I envisioned...actually none of them did.  But that's okay.  I did it and that evil gremlin voice is now gone...until Christmas that is.

I found one craft that involved white glue, a straw and black construction paper.  PERFECT!  I had all 3.  It was to make a spider web by simply squeezing out some liquid white glue onto the paper and blowing the glue around to make a spider web type picture.  Easy right?

Uh.  No.  It glopped onto the page and was completely unco-operative when Adrian and I attempted to blow it into a 'spiderweb'.  Instead I ended up dumping out all of our crafty-like things on the table and this is what my son came up with...

Yeah...I think it's creepy enough to be a Hallowe'en craft don't you?
It might have something to do with all those EYES. 
He informed me it was a clown.
Yeah.  I'd say that's the scariest freakin' clown I've ever seen.
Great job bud!

While he was making the scariest clown picture ever, I found some pipe cleaners (I know, I have pipe cleaners...that must mean I'm one awesome crafty Mutha).

And I made a pumpkin...


And a ghost....

Pretty impressive huh.  I asked Adrian what it was and he
seemed to actually know. So. I figured it couldn't be THAT horrible.
(Yes, it is)
And then I made a bat with some specific instructions from my 3 year old...

Specific instructions were the ears and the yellow feet.
A meltdown of epic proportions would be happening
if that bat was sans yellow feet people.
And the piece de resistance?  My spider.

Now this...THIS little guy stole my heart.  How cute is he!?
At this point after falling in love with a faceless spider made out of pipe cleaners it was obviously time to move on.

To bigger and better projects.

My son loves dressing up.  He also has a thing for skulls and skeletons.  So I thought this next project he would absolutely love.  Of-course it involved nothing of his doing and all of mine as I yelled, "Get away from this...your wrecking it!  Just wait!  I'll be done in 2 minutes!  Stop jumping on me!  Okay! you go!"

He loved it (see how excited he is!)and wore it all of 30 seconds.
However, being that he would live nude
for the rest of time if that were allowable he had to "get it off now!"

And so.  I put it on.

Oh yeah.  You like that pose?  Very skeleton-like isn't it?
I'm pretty proud of my son though.  He took this!
See that forced smile through the blur of my crappy phone picture?
That's me trying to be as patient as possible as he turned the phone
around, upside down and all the ways he shouldn't have it until he got it right.
I love that kid.  I really, really do.


Robin (noteverstill) said...

I think you're rocking that garbage bag - it's adorable :)

Lisa said...

I am also extremely uncrafty and plan to start being crafty this year for Christmas. Luckily my sitter is crafty. :)

Shell said...

Love the garbage bag skeleton!