Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Family Man

Mere weeks after my second son was born I went to a jewelry party at my neighbours home.  I bought this necklace.

It's in terrible light but it's a family of got to me.
Especially just after having my second (and let's say last) child.

Adrian was 22 months at the time and had quite the fascination with this necklace.  He would grab a hold of it with his pudgy little fingers.  Look at it closely, inspecting with his huge inquisitive blue eyes.  I told him it was a family...representing our family.

Sitting in front of me, face to face, he then put his little arms around me and declared "I love my family."

Of-course my heart became a pile of goo.

And I probably began to weep.

Hormones post birth...who needs real roller coasters when your on a constant emotional one?

Forward to present time:  Whenever he sees an animal by itself or an insect, be it a teeny ant, a snail, a ladybug or the other day a praying mantis just outside our back door, he is always so concerned about where their Mommy or Daddy or family is.

It is incredibly endearing.

Today I was playing with my boys in the back yard. While I was pushing Finley in the swing I heard a squeaking sound.

Like a dog toy.

Except when I looked over at our dog she didn't have a toy in her mouth.

But she was looking down at something, ears alert, head cocked, her curiosity peaked.

Alarm bells started going off and I ran over to her leaving Fin stranded on his baby swing.

There on the grass right in front of my dog was a baby bunny.  I noticed all around it was a lot of dried clumps of grass and wisps of grey fur.

My dog is as docile and sweet as they come.  She's so docile, in fact, that she doesn't chase rabbits, she watches them destroying our grass  hopping around in our yard.  Laying on our back deck outside.

The bunny was alive. No wounds.  Presumably, just absolutely terrified.

Nonetheless I grabbed Riley's collar and brought her inside.  I was a little panicked.  John usually deals with these sorts of 'situation'...which is why I opened the door to the basement where he was working and squealed "Honey - we need you now!"  Unfortunately he was on a business call.  But after my quick synopsis yelled down to him he told me to basically put the bunny back in it's nest.


I grabbed a towel although I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it.  Adrian was by my side the entire time.  Excited, so excited.  There is something incredibly precious about the love and curiosity between children and animals.

We head outside where sweet Fin is still sitting in the swing that's, now, barely swinging.

Content as can be.

I locate the bunny's nest which is mere inches from this adorable yet frightened baby cottontail.

And yet.  Was I really supposed to touch it, pick it up?? It was so tiny, so delicate and very....rodent like.

It took me a couple tries (at the same time trying to disuade Adrian from poking, proding and wanting to adopt the other bunnies) but there it went...sliding so perfectly and easily right in back in it's nest just like it was never torn away so abruptly by my darn old dog.

Adrian, still so wondrous about the situation, looks up at me with his big blue eyes and asks, "Are they family Mumma?"

My little guy.  He's a family man, he is.

I hope to heaven that never does change.

I know.  He's not entirely dressed (you can't tell but he I assure you he was wearing underwear.)
It was hot.  And, I've come to
accept it.  He's simply not a fan of clothing.

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Stacey said...

What a wonderful boy. It is amazing what they see with their hearts.