Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eureka Moments

It's time to put a stop to the 'can't's' the 'wont's' the 'I'll never's' the 'I'm not a's.'

The negativity that intrudes bleakly somedays on my mostly positive mind.

Because in the past I've surprised myself.  Many times.

I think a lot of people but especially women have this issue.  Thinking that we aren't doing the best we can.

We can do more, be more.  Do better.  Be better.

Let's stop the self battering and accept who we are today.  At this moment.

Because when I think about it.  Really think about it.  I've done some pretty awesome things in my life. And I've learned a lot about myself from doing those pretty awesome things.

And it's not all big stuff.  Nor small stuff.  Although sometimes the big stuff isn't as big for another and the small stuff isn't all that small to the person next to you.

I've listed some of the things that I've done in my 33 years that have surprised even me.

And aren't those are the best surprises of all.


I am terrified of heights yet....

I skydived from 10 THOUSAND feet in the air and ziplined hundreds of feet above the floor of the beautiful rain forests in Costa Rica.

I almost drowned as a young girl on a school trip to a public pool and yet...

I'm somehow not terrified of water and have White Water Rafted through the beautiful Kicking Horse River and the Ottawa River (twice).  I also went open sea kayaking with an ocean filled with unknowable's, massive sea turtles and....sharks.

I was terrified of giving birth yet....

I gave birth to two big healthy baby boys.

I have anxiety about being in unfamiliar places that have too many signs and too many people yet...

I've flown across the country and beyond more than a couple times.  By myself.

I always said I was a terrible public speaker.  I could never do it.  I'd be a nervous wreck yet...

I spoke at my best friend's wedding...not only that but I was pretty eloquent.  And I made people laugh.

I always said I was a cook not a baker yet...

I can make a kick ass chocolate cake from scratch, amazingly delectable cookies of all kinds and a phenomenal pumpkin bread pudding.

I didn't think I was ever great at much but always loved to write.  I was too scared to share myself yet...

Here I am.  Blogging away to the world.  Spilling out my heart.  And you actually read it.  And like it. Wow.  And wow.

I always said I could never be a runner yet...

I will be running a 10k race next spring (I know I'm not giving myself ample time ... I mean 3 quarters of a year is far too soon to have such massive ambition).

I always wished for a perfect body even when it was pretty damn perfect and yet...

This body, my body has never failed me.  It's in perfect working order and that's pretty blessed AWESOME.  'Cause it's the only one I got.

I always said that I wanted to find the love of my life, become a Mother and be able to stay home and raise them....

And I did.

I do.

And though there are times I wonder just how well I do it...

I'm just going to say.

I can.

I do.

Because I am.


And it's time I believed in her.

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middle child said...

Love your writing!

Tara R. said...

If I had a handful of confetti I'd throw it. This was wonderfully self-affirming. Excellent post and a eye-opener on how we need to be less critical of ourselves and celebrate our accomplishments and talents.

(visiting via PYHO)

Shell said...

This is so beautiful! You are one strong and determined woman!