Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Dinosaur of a Story

Yesterday was the kind of day with the boys that by 4:30pm when my husband came up from the dungeon for a break from work he found me half dead sprawled out on the love seat with a massive sheeth of Diego stickers thrown over my chest along every single toy taken out of the toy box surrounding the floor around me.

The boys had broken me.

I was so over parenting at that very moment.

And though days sometimes turn sour there always seems to be one moment that is oh so sweet.

Like a small diamond of loveliness peeking through the rough.


As we sat on the front steps I began to teach Adrian how to print his name in sidewalk chalk.

Finley was doodling beside us quietly.

After the letter D Adrian became restless.

He looked at Finley's drawing and asked him in his high pitched sweet voice that I imagine is what he thinks I sound like when I talk to Fin, "What are you drawing Finley?"

Finley's response sounded a lot like this, "Abibablubababeegabee."

Adrian (in the same high pitched 'motherly' tone), "Oh really?  A dinosaur?  Good job buddy!"

What do you think?  Not bad for a pterodactyl!


Alex | Perfecting Dad said...

That is one o the best pterodactyls I've seen!

Amber_D said...

Oh this cracked me up, January!

When kids imitate adults...that's comic gold. My favorite/the worst is when one of mine imitates me when I'm ticked off though.

Not a pretty picture.

January Dawn said...

I think so too Alex!

Oh Amber...I know. He's done that too - more of a tone than what he actually says though. Scares me.

K said...

I'm still laughing :) This is great; you really paint an honest real picture of motherhood here, one we can all relate to, but the humor in it makes me feel so much better about being beat at the end of the day!

Ellen said...

That was so funny...really...all of it. Loved your description of "hitting the wall in parenting" and then Adrian talking to Finley. I think I've heard "Good Job Buddy" a few times around your house.

Maggie May said...

totally looks like a Pterodactyl!

Shell said...

Oh yeah, I see it! :)

I have days like that- where I'm just DONE.

Today was one of them.