Monday, July 25, 2011

What do Paint and Poop Have in Common?

Finley was having a nap and since it was quite literally hotter than India outside I asked Adrian what he wanted to do, inside.


Out came the ginormous tupperware container filled with finger paints, water paints, glitter paints, acrylic paints, tempra name it I probably have it.

He started off with the water colours as I sat there watching his little face concentrate on dipping the brush in water and then debate which colour to choose.

Brown it was.

He's painting away and "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga starts up on the radio.

"Oh!  I LOVE this song!"  He exclaims, not even breaking concentration.

Paint, paint, stroke, stroke.

"This one's for Gaga" He tells me with a smile.  Funny enough he calls my Mum Gaga, his result of attempting to say Grandma at a very young age.

It stuck ever since.

I think he was feeling guilty for not speaking to her on the telephone this morning when he was being quite irritable for whatever reason.  Probably the fact that I was on the phone.

As all parents know once phone is in hand and attention is not 110% on child (even if child would be watching their favourite Scooby Doo episode) they decide they need a snack or juice right now, get into an epic battle with their sibling...or sneak off and decorate the bathroom with toilet paper.

He finishes the painting, which turned out quite beautifully I might add, and moved on to the next.

A much bigger one.  For Daddy.

He decides he wants to use the squeezable brush paints this time that are deemed 'no mess'.

FYI - nothing to do with kids and crafts but especially paints are ever 'no mess'.

Especially when that paint includes glitter.

He's squeezing and squishing as the paint plop, plop...plops on the paper.

"Mumma!  It's pooping!"  He says with glee.

I can't help it - I laugh.

Boys and Poop.  Poop and Boys.

They go hand in hand.

Or hand to butt.

He points the squeezable plastic paint brush in my direction and says in all seriousness, "You have to wipe it's butt now."


Amber_D said...

Poop is the butt of every joke in our house (you like what did right there?) Also, farts.

Ellen said...

Your son is a riot. No question he's all boy.

Ado said...

Yep he's all boy! (And what a great idea to keep your paints in a tupperware container w. a lid - mine are all just willy-nilly in a giant bowl, spilling all over...gonna get me some tupperware...!)