Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Visual Snapshot of My Boys

I'm stealing a fantastic idea from Peryl over at Parenting Ad Absurdum and taking a Verbal Snapshot of my boys....here is who they are right now:

Adrian - 3 years 5 months

1.  I pee anywhere and everywhere with abandon

2.  Being naked is what I do best

3.  I randomly ask my Mumma and Dada for a "hug and a kiss?" with arms wide open (this is usually after being scolded for not eating breakfast/lunch or dinner)

4.  I love watching 'Scooby Dooby Doo'

5.  I am obsessed with Iron Man, Spider Man and Batman and have worn holes in my Iron Man and Batman costumes from so much play

6.  My new favourite treats are gummy bears in my ice cream and chocolate and raspberry timbits

7.  I like to dance to music by hopping around the room on one foot

8.  My favourite thing to say right now much to the chagrin of my Mummy is "I'm gonna kick your butt!"

9.  I want to be a doctor when I get bigger

10. I love to sit on Mumma's lap every morning while she's trying to drink her much needed morning coffee

11.  I can't wait to be able to chew gum and ask my Mommy about a thousand times a day when I can start

12.  Mismatched superhero socks and my Diego boots is my signature style.

13.  My bedtime requests are 1.  Mommy 2. Cozy 3. Water 4. Lamby and Froggy Doggy 5. Stories 
                                              6.  "Mumma tickle my back?"

Finley - age 20 months

1.  I eat cheerios and milk every.single.morning.  LOTS.  And drinking the milk with my spoon is the best part.

2.  I am obsessed with buckles and clips on car seats, high chairs, back packs etc

3.  I get very excited when I hear the train behind our house and insist on being brought to see it going by, by running up to Mommy and throwing my arms up as if to say 'up' and pointing enthusiastically at it while exclaiming "Taaaaiiiiin!"

4.  I also get very excited when I hear planes except I point up in the air searching for it then yell "Taaaaiiiin!" when I see it even though Mommy always corrects me with "No it's a....plaaaane!"

5.  I babble a lot.  No one understands me.  But I can clearly say NO, Mumma, Dadda, cheese, brother, Aidy and Riley and am pretty awesome at doing animal sounds.

6.  I love music and dancing, especially hip hop/pop/dance music.  My dancing is a combination of a jump and a skip with a spin around, fisted hands and arms waving in the air...then throw in a random sumo wrestler stance/walk.  Mommy thinks I'm the best little dancer ever.

7.  I am very affectionate and love to give Mumma and Dadda lots of hugs and kisses.  I also love to climb and attack them in bed.

8.  I love playing with my cars and dinosaurs and am especially talented at making the noise effects that go along with it

9.  I laugh when people get hurt.  I can't help it.  I think it's really funny seeing people yell when they stub their toe.

10.  I'm a pretty easy going guy but I HATE getting my face and hands wiped down after eating.  Believe me.  It's not pretty.

11.  Give me chocolate and Mommy's lap after nap time and no one gets hurt.

12.  I love wearing my bright blue rubber boots

13.  At bedtime I usually choose to read Good Night Moon, Pajama Time and Belly Button Book. Mommy thinks it's the cutest thing ever when I hand her the book, turn around and back up into her lap for a cuddle and a story.


Ellen said...

I love this. It shows how very different two children can be. Beautiful blog...especially #1 for Adrian and #13 for Fin. Thank you for sharing this.

Amber_D said...

Oh my gosh, how Adrian looks just like you in that photo! But I'm sure you hear that all the time.
These posts are the best because you'll look back on them months and years in the future and remember things you unfortunately had forgotten in all that pesky growing they do. I have a few from my two like this that I treasure.
I hope that Adrian isn't disappointed when he finally gets to chew gum. Anders is dying to do this as well and I'm all "Seriously, kiddo, you're building this WAY up."