Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And I'm Still Not Sure Who Bit Who What or Where

I was making dinner with the usual raucous surrounding me:

Boys running through the house like maniacs, laughing, crying, yelling, squealing, jumping, spinning, climbing all over the furniture, turning lights on.

Me yelling at them to turn the lights off, stop pushing, quit squealing, get down from there.

Right now!

I mean it!

I hear Finley crying from the front hall and turned to find Adrian, who had just ran from the hall to the living room.  I pick my sad little guy up and walk over to my mischievous looking one.

"Adrian do you know why Finley's crying?"

Adrian evading the question, turns his back to me climbing up onto a dining room chair, "Finley's soft and squishy - we need to throw him out."

"Nobody throws anyone out in this family.  That is NOT nice."

Not to mention illegal.

"He bit my finger.  He's crazy."

"Did you bite him back?" eyebrows scrunched together sternly quickly inspecting Fin's index finger as I see him holding it.

No teeth marks.

"NO.  I didn't.  We should throw him away.  We can buy a new baby.  A princess one.  Like Princess Fiona!"

Brotherly love.

So charming isn't it?


Amber_D said...

Sounds like a scene from my house, only Anders wants a Catwoman in place of a Princess Fiona.

I often wonder what is in store for those older siblings once the little ones learn to fight back.

Ellen said...

Where do they get these ideas? His next phase is that he'll be wishing he was adopted because all kids go through that phase.

Ado said...

"Finlay's soft and squishy - we need to throw him out." LOL!!! Oh my goodness this is so cute and sadistic all at the same time! Ha!