Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recollections of a 3 year old

Driving my son to pre-school this morning, completely out of the blue he says the following (this WILL be a purposeful run on sentence because that's just how 3 year olds tell stories):

'Mummy remember when Finley threw up in his car seat and then threw up on his self then he did it again and there was 3 red things and 3 snot things and he was really really sick and then he did it again and you told me not to touch it because I'll get puke on myself...remember that Mumma?"

Ah, yes.  Thank you, son, for that reminder.

How could I possibly forget.


momosyllabic said...

Hah! The things that they remember! And in such detail. Wow :-)

Lisa said...


Perfecting Dad said...

And remember how mumma cursed and swore and tried to get all the slime off without touching it but then she got some on her and remember how she cursed some more and then started talking for a long time about how the smell would never get out and how we need to ride with the windows open in the summer and then sell the car if it didn't come out and then she started yelling even louder after Finley threw up on his-self the next time right after she cleaned it and then again the next time again and now Finley always has to carry his red pail with him after that just in case he got sick again. 'Member that?

You left out your part :)