Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recollections of a 3 year old - Part 2

About one year ago I had the best idea EVER.  I was going to take my 2 year old and 7 month old to the library.

You can all stop laughing now.  I realized shortly after that it was the WORST idea EVER.  

In my mind the scenario I was hoping for would go like this:

We'd arrive all smiles at the library and Adrian would be fascinated with all the books that he'd sit at one of the tables nice and quietly a pile of books by his side.  My little guy would be so comfy and cozy because he'd be right next to me in his sling that he wouldn't fuss or make a peep.  I would browse the Adult Fiction aisle keeping a close eye on his brother feeling proud as he sits ever so serenely turning the pages of a beautiful picture book.

The reality went more like this:

We arrive, my 2 year old running here, there and everywhere but where I wanted him to be.  
Screw the books, Adrian became OBSESSED with a computer game that he had no idea how to play (therefore getting very frustrated and even more so because I had no idea how to work the damn game either)  My 7 month old squirmed unhappily in the sling wanting desperately to crawl around on the floor.  Then upon being released having great fun pulling book after book after book off of the shelves.

I grabbed 2 random books off the shelf for myself trying terribly to keep calm and patient as my 2 year old whined wanting to play the silly duck computer game and not knowing how with my 7 month old making a fine mess of books on the floor,  protesting loudly whenever I attempted to clean up the books and maneuver him closer to me.

After about 20 minutes of this torture, I gave Adrian a 5 minute warning (like he has any concept of what time is) and proceeded to pick up my cranky baby and tuck him into the sling ungracefully...arms waving, legs kicking...me, red faced, becoming more anxious and testy by the second.

"Adrian, we need to go now."


"Adrian, Mommy and Finley are leaving.  Let's go honey."

Starting to cry, beginnings of tantrum "NO!  I want to stay and play game!!!"

Sighing in defeat, fearing a battle that I had no energy to handle at that very moment.  "Okay, a couple more minutes and then we really need to go."

I let him 'play' the computer game for a few more minutes as I tried to calm Finley who was fussing in the sling, then I let him know it was time to go....again.

"Sweets, time to go.  We can play outside when we get home.  All the kids will be home from school."

"Uh uh!  NO!  Want to stay here Mumma!"

I noticed his two toy motorbikes he brought with him sitting on the computer table...it was the last straw.

"Adrian if you don't come with Mummy right now I will be taking your motorbikes away for the rest of the day."

Aaaaand here it comes.  Complete and total meltdown.  Screaming, crying, limbs flailing.  

At the LIBRARY.  

I was mortified.  

My books forgotten I picked him up football style (that's right WITH baby in sling) and out the door we went, imagining the librarians rolling their eyes and imperceptibly shaking their heads upon our raucous departure.  I strode toward our truck, right past a police car, officer included, with my 2 year old literally kicking and screaming.

Oh no...that didn't add to my anxiety AT ALL.  

I buckled both monsters in, as I breathed deeply and sweated profusely (I recall it was a very hot day) and realized I left the motorbikes in the library.


Well, there was no way in hell I was going back in there.

I climbed into the truck, starting it up and turning on the AC full force while my 2 year old screamed in the back seat.

And somehow we made it home in one piece.

Now let's fast forward to today.

I was at the grocery store in the meat section with both my boys and Adrian out of the blue says the following...

"Mumma, remember when we went to the library and I was freaking out (yes, those were his exact words) and then we left and you left my motorbikes there...why did you do that...where are my motorbikes?"

I could do nothing but laugh, mostly out of usage of the term "freaking out" but also out of amazement...and maybe a bit of nervousness that my 3 year old can remember these events with utmost detail...that occurred a YEAR ago.  

Now here was the ultimate test.

"Why were you freaking out honey?"

"I was playing on the computer games...but Mummy, what happened to my motorbikes?"



And we wonder why us Mom's have such constant daily anxiety of all we do and all we say.  

It's because of THESE moments, when our children remind us with specific play by plays of the parental moments we'd much, much rather forget.


Ellen said...

Yuh...you have your mom job cut out for you GG.

Lisa said...

This is awesome.

PJ is just 2, so I am sure his memories will be coming along very soon.

momosyllabic said...

We got thrown out of our library once, after a visit that went much like yours. I describe it in the post I link below. A few days after, I called the library and asked if it really was the norm to punish the parents of tantrumming children: the manager assured me that we were ALWAYS welcome, that "freaking out" is normal for small kids, and that mothers shouldn't feel to bad about it ;-)


Helene said...

Oh man, I've soooooo been there. And at the library, too, of all places. The latest excitement...I took Garrett and Landon to the library last week for storytime and the librarian was sitting on a stool in front of the kids reading to them. Garrett stood up in front of her and said, "I can see your wee-wee when you sit like that" and then proceeded to bend down and point to her privates so everyone else could enjoy the view.

Yeah, wanted to die....pretty much walked out of there with my head down, completely in shame.

And kids do have amazing memories, don't they? They can't remember that you asked them to clean up their toys on 10 different occasions but they'll remember the one parenting fail that you've completely forgotten about (and have long since forgiven yourself for).

Helene said...

OMG, I just noticed you have my blog on your blogroll...yay!!!!!! I'm gonna add you to mine!

January Dawn said...

@Lisa - oh yes they will. Good times.

@momosyllabic - well, I don't feel so bad after reading that! Thank you!