Friday, April 15, 2011

My First Blog Award!!! Woooohoooo!!!

There is more than one reason for me to celebrate today, other than the fact it's FRIDAY!  Holla!
I got my very first blog award!!!  That's right folks.  I am REALLY, ACTUALLY, out there in the blogesphere and after less than 3 months of blogging!!!  The last time I got an award was when I was in grade three.  It was the Citizen of the Month Award that my teacher nominated me for.  I am as proud of myself now as I was then.

I am told there are rules pertaining to accepting the Versatile Blogger Award:

• First thank and link to the blogger who gave you the award.

• Share 7 things about yourself.

• Share this Award with 15 other bloggers.

• Contact these bloggers to let them know that they got the award. 

Because I am very much a rule follower I shall obey!  HUMONGO thank you to the lovely ladies at
18 Years to Life for reading my humble little blog and liking it.

The next thing I have to do to comply is to share 7 things about, here goes!
  1. Yes, my name is January and I was named after a character in the novel "Once is Not Enough" by Jacqueline Susann.
  2. I prefer to be called January...being called Jan reminds me of the character Jan from the Brady Bunch and she had some serious issues with her sister "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha"   Very.  Annoying.
  3. I used to despise my name and now I wouldn't change it for the world.
  4. I am living my dream.  Honest to God.  I don't know what I did to deserve the life I have but I am grateful for it everyday.  Although some days are really challenging and I feel like my head might just start spinning exorcist's all worth, really.  
  5. I am so not athletically inclined, the only sports you'll find me playing are street hockey (with my 1 and 3 year old so that doesn't really count) and ... well, that's about it.
  6. I didn't even know I could write (well) until I started this blog.   
  7. I've sky dived (dove? diven?)  It was AWESOME.
And now is my most favourite part!  I get to share 15 other amazing blogs with all of you and I hope you check them out!!!  

  1. Parenting Ad Absurdum  Peryl is a Mom of 2 young boys like me!  I love reading her blogs as I can totally relate...and she cracks me up.
  2. Four Plus an Angel I actually just found this blog today and LOVE it.  Jessica is a sweet and strong soul who seems like an AMAZING mother
  3. The Momalog  LOVE Ado!  She's witty and takes very beautiful pictures!  I think this may be her second or third Versatile Blogger Award...good on you lady!
  4. Attack of the Redneck Mommy  Tanis's blog was the very first blog that I fell in love with.  I actually sent her an email letting her know how her blog touched me and she wrote me back.  She's awesome.
  5. The Bitchy Waiter Okay, so he's not a "Mommy Blogger" and his humour is acerbic as hell (he KILLS me) however, if you've ever been a server (in a restaurant - serving your family doesn't count here) you'll know just where he's coming from
  6. momosyllabic Her posts are usually quite short though contemplative...I always enjoy reading them
  7. Things I Can't Say Shell has about a billion followers....there's a reason for that
  8. An Uncommon Family  Laura is honest, funny, inspiring and I LOVE her writing style. 
  9. Small Fries with that  Michelle's humour makes me pee in my pants (plus she's got some great recipes on her blog)
  10. Flux Capacitor Maggie May's writing is so raw and beautiful...her poetry haunting.  LOVE.
  11. Perfecting Parenthood  Alex's writing is very intelligent and introspective. He's also a very loyal and supportive fellow blogger
  12. The TRUTH About Motherhood Debi is about as honest as they come with a killer sense of humour
  13. The Ginger Cook She has some AH-MAY-ZING recipes.  So if you like to cook or even if you don't, check her out!
  14. Amanda Photography She's one of my great friends and a fabulous photographer...she has a special gift of capturing the wonderful moments of children 
  15. On My Way to that Little Black Dress Another one of my great friends...join with her on her very honest journey of weight loss.  I'm very proud of her!


Ellen said...

Congratulations Gorgeous Girl. I'm not surprised. You're awesome.

Ado said...

I loved reading your 7 things. There is no WAY you are a Jan, and I can't imagine anyone in their right mind would call you anything other than January! You're right - fantastic name, and unique.
Really like your list of blogs - all of them look really compelling and I am going to go check them all out. And thank you for my award! (-: I have procrastinated a blog about it - will write one tomorrow.
Yay for you!

Perfecting Parenthood said...

Thank you for sending the Versatile Blogger my way. I think you are reader #1 for me, and I am grateful that you still come by to encourage me.

I love to read your stuff each day. Post a video of you playing street hockey!

Here is a fact for you: My middle name is Jan (but not January).

Redneck Mommy said...

I still remember the thrill of getting my very first blog award. Whoohoo! Congratulations on yours! And thanks for including me in that awesome list of blogs. There's a few I haven't heard of before so I will be checking them out.

Look at that! A blog award, a compliment and some new reading material. It's like Christmas morning around here!

parenting ad absurdum said...

Aw thanks!! And thanks for tracking me down - I know my blog can be a pain to comment on! Love reading you, and I'm happy you enjoy reading me too :).

The Bitchy Waiter said...

Thank you!!!

Maggie May said...

Thank you January! What an awesome name. I LOVE unusual, lovely names and yours is perfect. Welcome to the blogsphere :)))

momosyllabic said...

:) Flattered to be on the list, and in such good company. And, as parenting ad absurdam says, thanks for tracking me down too.

Laura said...

Thank you much! I'm honored that you chose me, and I'm double honored to be listed among such amazing blogs. I'm definitely not worthy! I'm looking forward to getting to know you through your blog!

Ado said...

Did I thank you for this award yet? I love your blog, and thank you for listing me on your wonderful blog. (-: