Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Fun Filled Friday

How to tire out 2 busy boys in one morning....

1)  After breakfast surrender to your 3 year old's request to play superheroes for the 50 millionth time that week (even though you begged off twice already because you've barely taken a sip of your coffee (you desperately require) but he looks at you with big blue eyes and tells you "Mumma, I'm really, really sad.  I want you to play with me."  Seriously.  Mommy Manipulation 101.  Just tell give her puppy dog eyes and tell her you're sad.  Works every time.  

We fly/run around the main floor about a hundred times at warp speed - me:  Superwoman (as directed by Adrian - but wait a minute...I thought I already was Superwoman!?) Adrian: Superman then Ironman then Spiderman then Ironman again - whatever you do just don't call him Adrian.

2)  Allow them to watch Tangled (for the trillionth time in a week) on your bed....okay so this doesn't really tire them out but it gives this Mumma time to a)  Clean the upstairs bathroom  (and alternatively anxiously peek into the bedroom to ensure they haven't destroyed anything or each other)  b)  to operate on Froggy Doggy 2 and Lilly Bear with needle and thread as they have some serious seam issues that need to be dealt with before stuffing and beads are ingested.

*Truth be told I am HORRIBLE at sewing (I actually cheated on my 8 grade home economics "test" that involved a sewing machine and a piece of paper with a design of dots on it that I had to follow - I sneakily had one of the BOYS in the class do it for me...imagine) So sewing for me is just randomly stabbing the needle in a very zig zaggy like line, making a thousand knots when it's done and praying that it never comes apart again.

Operation successful!!!

3)  Dress the boys and self and adventure out to the park in 2 degree weather.  Make them run up and down a very large hill nearby FIRST then continue the venture to the park...

Adrian has a head start on Fin...

Look at Adrian goooo.....
Fin....still truckin' up that hill!

"Keep going're almost there bud!"

Adrian on his second run down, Finley on his first....

And he's still going!


We eventually reach our final destination

Play at the park for as long as you can stand it because even though it's SUPPOSED to be spring and the weather network said it was SUPPOSED to be a balmy 9 degrees, with the winds whipping around 70 km/hr it feels like -10 and I was freezing my a$$ off.

4)  When oldest son declares he's cold take a cue and make a break for it!  On the way home....enjoy some nature....

Mmmmmm, wood tastes gooood!

Adrian's "sword".  Anything and everything
becomes a weapon in the hands of a young boy
(or maybe just mine?)

5)  Return home to see my dear neighbour and her little ones trekking out somewhere.  Adrian finds out they're going to see 'Archie' at the local pet we must go too, but not before a quick trip to Tim Horton's as we were feeling a bit peckish after all the park activity....

*the following 2 pics were taken the day before (forgot to take pics on Fri) but actual events happened*

No idea.

This is right after he let out a huge fart (note the sheepish look on his face) I was completely mortified...
surely a sound like that couldn't come out of a little body like this!  I'm sure the people surrounding me really believed me when after the enormous eruption I exclaimed "Finley!".
They were probably a shaking their heads thinking...well, we all know what they were thinking.
But it wasn't me! I swear!

6)  Off to the pet store to see birdies, fishies and kitties, OH MY.

This is Archie....beware....and they actually LET this bird out of its cage!
(see below)

Clearly, not a friendly Macaw and he was feeling especially temperamental today.
The damn bird wouldn't even say hello to me...and we all know that Macaw's can talk.

My boys love kitty cats and thankfully no warning sign on this cage.

7)  Return home and get them fed before all hell breaks loose.

Tuck them in their beds for sweet, sweet me nap time.


Ellen said...

So funny GG. Do you blame the dog for f..rting when you're home? Just kidding. Great story.

Perfecting Parenthood said...

I thought we were the only ones who went to the animal store instead of the zoo.

parenting ad absurdum said...

Love it!! I'm dying to see tangled, but my boys have declared it "girl stuff." Sigh...

January Dawn said...

Thanks all!
@Peryl, I'm lucky that my boys are still young to not quite get the whole "gender association" thing. It's a great movie and funny!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the blogger award! Made my weekend!!!

Love the post. I think you deserve another award for taking the kids out in such cold weather! I don't leave the house if it dips below 60 degrees. :-) Such a spoiled Californian! (But I did live in upstate New York for a stint so I think I've paid my dues.)