Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not all Sunshine and Lollipops

John's home and all is right in the world!

Um.  No.  

Something happens when my husband comes home from a work trip outside of the country.  He usually arrives in the evenings and I let Adrian stay up a little later to see his Dad come through the door.  That's pretty priceless.  And very touching.  I love seeing John with his boys.  I fall in love with him more every time I see them together.

I was showered with gifts.  No, I'm not kidding.  It was not nor ever expected but very nice nonetheless.  Beautiful turquoise bracelets and some delicious smelling lotions from the Dead Sea.  Yummy teas from India and wine from Israel.  Yes, I made out pretty good.  His gifts made our home made cards and mini homemade cupcakes look a little piddly but it is the thought that counts.  The best part of all was the black and white spotted dog that he brought back for Adrian.  Oh my!  The look of happiness on my sweet boys face was the best.  And he named him Froggy Doggy 2.  How adorable.

After putting Adrian to bed with Froggy Doggy 2 tucked in close to him, 10 p.m. came quickly and we both crashed....me rather hard.  I don't sleep well when he is not home.  Other than obviously missing him, I'm always anticipating the next waking of one of the boys...either that or I have one or both of Adrian's feet kicking me in the face or back.  But last night I slept deeper than I have in a long time.

I awoke to my husband's face an inch away from mine.  "Honey...I have fresh waffles and coffee made.  Do you want to eat or keep sleeping?"

No people, I was not dreaming.

Hm.  I wonder do I choose food or more sleep?

Whoever picked food is completely out of their minds.

I slept passed 8!!!

I come downstairs feeling quite groggy as my husband hands me a giant cup of coffee and makes me FRESH waffles.  He made sure there was left over batter for me so I wouldn't have to eat re-warmed waffles.  God forbid.

I know.  So happy I married him.

Then reality hits.

My husband is doubled over with some kind of stomach crampiness.  Later we find out it's likely mild food poisoning.  But tell me how I'm supposed to feel any kind of sympathy when he's moaning and groaning and comparing it to giving birth.

The morning passes by in a blur of tantrums and snot, Adrian running around in his underwear like a maniac, driving us both a bit mad  and my 1 year old being unreasonably cranky due to the fact that he now has an ear infection, is exhausted and refuses to nap.

During Adrian having his afternoon nap,  Finley was supposed to be sleeping (again) as well but was screaming his bloody head off.  We alternatively went up to soothe him, give him medicine and pop his soother back in while my patience started to wane quite rapidly.  I was edgy.  I figured out today why I feel a little out of sync and irritable when John returns home after being out of the country.  The entire time he's away I walk a fine line of keeping frustrations at bay and also to maintain utmost patience with my boys (very difficult with young ones that are apt to have more mood changes than a 13 year old girl with PMS - I can say that because I once was one) that when John returns home I finally feel free to let a bit of that go....and unfortunately it lands on him.  So not fair especially because he's usually jet lagged to hell.  It's a circumstantial flaw I have to work on.  I do realize this.

In the middle of all my agitation and with Finley screaming I basically got outta dodge.  I threw on all my winter gear, hooked up Riley to her leash and off we went for a walk.

The afternoon was disguised in beautiful sunlight therefore looked a lot warmer than it was.  Pretty soon I had to put up my parka hood.  Which is nice and warm, however, so big that when I need to cross the street instead of simply turning my head left and right I have to literally turn my entire body to to left and then shuffle it back to the right.  The walk was lovely until I stepped on what was a sneakily camouflaged sheet of ice that I thought was a shallow puddle and I almost threw my back out when my foot flew out from under me and Riley's poop bag (yes, full of crap) went flying over my head. One of the school crossing guards was walking toward me to say hello and give a pat to Riley started to chuckle to herself.  Minor embarrassment.  Other than that it was, best of all, free of children.  Yes, I said it.  After working overtime for 8 days and 24 hours straight without any compensation I desperately needed some peace and quiet.  Love my kids more than anything but I love my me time too.

I return home feeling all sunshine and lollipops.  It lasts until 5 minutes after I walk into the house.  And it all begins again.

Sometimes it's just one of those days.

Thank God for kids that go to bed at 7 and (very) large glasses of wine.

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Ellen said...

Well GG - I don't know what to say about a day like that. I think the bag of stuff that went over your head pretty much says it all.