Sunday, February 13, 2011

Make Me Mirthful

Valentine's Day....who celebrate's it?  Hands up please!  Where I can see them!



Has it become that passe?  Or have all my friends just been married long enough that their husbands have convinced them it's just another major marketing ploy for all the card company's, flower shops and restaurants to make huge amounts of money on all the suckers (mostly male) that will shell out way too much dough on flowers and dinners on their (likely) new girlfriends.  Blah, blah blibbity blah.  And all the other things we've heard a thousand and one times before.

It's true.  The question I've been asking, "So what plans do you have for Valentine's?" is met with a rolling of the eyes, a sigh or a very straightforward "I hate Valentine's Day".  And these people are all MARRIED!  I'm not going to speculate about the why's today.  People have their reasons for not wanting to celebrate or not liking Valentine's Day.

I'm neither here nor there about the day myself.

My husband's going to be returning from 8 days in India and Israel this evening so I imagine he'll have as much energy to celebrate as a snail on sedatives.  Which is totally fine with me.  Last year we weren't even in the same continent so I can't complain too much.  Besides, I'm not partial to the typical "Valentine's Day" gifts.  I don't like getting flowers.  I used to...before I had my boys.  Now I feel it's just another living entity that I have to make sure is properly nourished and taken care of.  I think having to worry about 2 kids and a dog is enough don't you?  And chocolate?  Well, I looovvve chocolate.  But I can have chocolate any old day.  A romantic dinner out?  Don't make me laugh!  The last time my husband and I went out for dinner was....let me think.....our 4 year anniversary.

That was in June.

Of-course, it's nice to be recognized on a special day, especially one that's about celebrating your love for one another. But we ought to be grateful for our loved ones everyday right?  Yeah, yeah.  We hear it all the time right?

But today I do want you to think about about some of the little things that you can do for you for the light of your life, maybe not everyday (let's be realistic here) but MOST of the time. It doesn't have to be about going out for a fancy dinner, buying jewelry or presents and pampering them at the spa...(okay, the last one you should TOTALLY do for your girlfriend/wife/mother of your children) but truly it is the little things that make us happy...well me anyway.

I've made a short list of things that make me feel mirthful. Keep in mind these are just for me but maybe, just maybe someone out there might be reading this and take a pointer or two...these are all very simple and mostly....FREE!

1)  Hugs first thing in the morning - from everyone in your family.  What's not to love about a hug?  And I'm not talking about a little lean in, with a piddly pat, pat, pat.  I'm a big believer in a good, firm, bear hug.  Mmmmm.  Love them.

2)  Coffee made for me in the morning (my handsome husband does do this for me everyday...when he's not in another country)

3)  A little sleep in now and then is lovely.  Again, what's not to love about sleep?  Especially when you're a parent.

4)  Telling me you love me.  Like you really mean it. Everyday.  I have 2 out of 3 males in my life that do this and the one that doesn't is still working on his verbal skills so....I guess that's fine.

5)  Spontaneity is always good fun although not always easy with children.  I'm not talking about "Hey honey, pack your bags....we're going to Hawaii!" (well that would be freakin' AH-MAY-ZING but again....let's be realistic)  More along the lines of "Hey honey, let's go to Niagara Falls for the day" (or nearby city that is fun but rarely visited)  or even "How about we check out that new restaurant for lunch?"  Spontaneity is essential and unfortunately largely overlooked for stay at home Mum's...mostly because we feel tied to the house 99% of our days.
*On a side note here:  Spontaneous kisses are also very delicious!

6)  Admiration.  All right, this could possibly go along with saying "I love you" but this is more along the lines of "You look so beautiful!"  "You smell delicious!"  "I think you are the smartest, funniest, most fabulous woman and mother I know."  Okay, so the last one is going a bit overboard (and really, what (straight) man says the word fabulous?) but I will tell you this...ALL women want to believe that Bruno Mars wrote the song "Just the way you are" for us personally.  (Just The Way You Are video)

All one has to do are these 6 simple things (almost) everyday and I'd be the luckiest lady on the planet.


Wait a second.

I already have 3 gorgeous Valentines year round and my main Valentine already does 99% of what is on my "list".  (I'll let him figure out the missing 1%)  ;)

How much luckier can a woman get?!


paradigmjohn said...

My love, I cannot wait to come home and smother you and the boys with hugs and kisses. Since my jet lag will mean no sleep I can't wait to start that fresh pot of our fav Costa Rica blend and may you not wake until the aromas are too much to bare and you MUST join me for a cup!

Once the boys are up I don't care what we do or where we go as long as we do it together.

Being away from my family certainly gives me much time to not only miss you but think about all you must do while I am away to keep our family happy,healthy and tummys full. I don't know how you do it but I'd do know that I couldn't last a day with you and the boys by my side.

The best part about travel is coming home!

I love you.

January Dawn said...

See everyone? THIS is why I married him.

Csilla said...

lol.. you two!! you are sweet!!

Tanya said...

Oh made me teary! I've been excited to read today...It was so nice seeing you and the boys them so much...btw you forgot a pair of Fin's pants and his winter coat...LOL I laughed this morning...anyway, let me know what you want me to do it...or if your mum is heading your way, I could pop them over to her place! XOXOX

Ellen said...

The most wonderful thing about this is that they really are in love - with each other and their boys. It kind of makes people like me who missed the Love Boat of Life want to barf on our shoes ;)...just kidding. Obviously I wouldn't want anything different for my Gorgeous Girl and my Perfect Grandsons. Yes, indeed, John is a mother-in-law's dream come true. Love all of you. XOXOXO Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Erin said...

You guys are so sweet - I miss you all so much!! Welcome home, John!! Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite people in the world. Jan - your blog is so valuable to me it's priceless! And the section about the admiration reminded me of that book "Love Languages" or whatever it's that one your language?? :)