Friday, January 10, 2014

The Sky's the Limit

"Ack.  I don't like this song."  I pushed another button on the dash to switch the radio station.

'No one, no one, no o-ooone...could get in the way of what I'm feelin'
No one, no one, no o-ooone....could get in the way of what I feel for you--ouuu.'

Yes!  Alicia!  I turned to my almost 6 year old son beside me in the truck, "I love this song!"

And I sang it.

At the red light I took my son's hand and sang it to him as he just stared back at me completely unfazed by my enthusiastic (and awesome) singing.

Apparently he's used to this.

The light turned green and I accelerated, still singing.  Loudly.  As loud as I possibly could without hindering my AMAZING car singing voice.

I kept waiting for my little guy in the back to pipe up and tell me to pipe down.  That wouldn't have been super unusual.

In fact, even though my nightly rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is clearly welcomed every night, my singing at pretty much any other time of the day is not.

Not that his protests stop me.  Ever.

They continued their quiet as I continued to become Alicia Keys.



I panicked slightly wondering if my eldest son saw large tortoises crossing this very busy road and I was obviously not paying close enough attention - thanks to Alicia.

My eyes searched back and forth and in all mirrors as quickly and as safely as they possibly could being that I was driving a large vehicle.

There could not possibly be turtles in January.  Near a very busy intersection!?  Right?!

"TURTLES!  THERE MOMMY!"  Was he speaking about those delectable chocolate, pecan and caramel morsels?  Perhaps a truck that had such advertisement on the side?

What on earth was he talking about?!  Turtles?!

"Where in the world are you seeing turtles buddy?"

"Up there!  In the sky!  Look!  There's so many!"

Sure enough what looked like a fluffy white herd of turtles was crossing the bright, blue January sky.

Ah joy.

I laughed and at once was so very proud that this child of mine could see what I don't often see but continues to see what I taught him so long ago while on a mild winter walk in February almost 2 years ago...

A world of imagination in the sky.

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