Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Day of JK: Onward and Upwards

The last day of your JK year dawned dreary, rainy and mild.  It's hard to believe it was 8.5 months ago we all walked you (as your father semi-embarassingly videotaped the entire trip) to your first day of school all dapper and four in your navy uniform.

Today it would be just you, me and our umbrellas on our last stroll towards your last day in Junior Kindergarten.

Of-course you needed to have my black umbrella and therefore I was stuck with your dinky yet very cool Batman one.  But us Mom's...we're used to that kind of thing.

Besides a little rain never hurt anyone.

"Why are we walking today?  It's raining.  It's because we're not sugar?"

I laughed.  Ah the way the past relives itself.  I hear my Mother's words leave my lips all too often these days...

"Yep.  We're not made of sugar so we won't melt right?"

I wondered, as we left the house, as I have been wondering everyday since you began school, if you would reach for my hand once again.

And you do.

It's a gesture that is unconscious, habitual perhaps.

My heart swells and sighs and I smile in relief, in pride, in utter love that yesterday was thankfully not the last day that your soft five year old hand tucked into my 35 year old loving, Mother-strong one.

My hope is that today won't be the last either.

As we say our good-bye's at the door of the school you hug my waist and grant me a smooch in front of your peers.

This very well could be the last time that happens but I continue to hold out hope that it won't be.

I repeat the words I've said to you 5 days out of the week for over 8 months, "Have fun.  I'll see you in a couple hours.  I love you!"  Your response is usually the same which is not much more than a nod as you turn and walk through the gates or the door with rarely a glance back.  

Your year in JK taught me a lot about you which seems contrary to the fact that you were away from me for 2.5 hours each day.  Not a significant amount of time but longer than what we're used to.

I've always thought, as parents always do, that my kid (you) is full of awesome, darn smart and then some but it turns out you're also a very great little student.  A hard worker, bright, tenacious, kind, mature, competitive, social though a bit shy and an all around good kid.  And that's all I want for you kiddo.  To me the highest paid compliment is for someone to say I raised good kids.  For the word 'good' does not get enough credit.  Good, in this instance, is all things wonderful wrapped up into a simple word.  And that is you my son.

I hope I continue to do right by you.

These are all amazing qualities that will serve you well, into your future.

Keep up the good work my love.  I'm proud of you.  Always.

So very, very proud.

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