Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby Musings and Too Many Cookies

All three of us stood in front of the bathroom mirror brushing our teeth.  It was nearing bed time hour and my boys were clad in pj's.  Though my bed time hour wasn't for another 3 I was too.  As my tank top inched up my stomach while helping the boys with something I caught sight of it in the mirror and laughed.

"Oh my goodness guys!  Look at my belly!  I look like I have a baby in it."  I am fit with a reasonably flat stomach but the monthly bloat, which was the obvious indication that there was no baby, plus too many home made cookies that day had literally made my stomach look like I was 4 months along.

Finley asked, "Why you look like you have a baby?"

"Mommy ate too many cookies today."

They reached out to touch and rub it to my amusement and Adrian asked for the 100th time, "Why can't you have another baby?  I really want a baby sister."  The answer of-course isn't easy.  And it's not because I can't, thankfully.  We're at a good stage with the boys.  Dare I say an easier one.  The sleepless nights are few and far between, we aren't tied down to nap schedules and can do whatever whenever, they're pretty independent and I don't have to load up the truck with bags the size of kingdom come when we decide to go anywhere.  Of-course the urge for another hasn't left me.  I often wonder if it ever will.  But for now, for right now no more babies. So all I could really say was, "Oh honey.  You are sweet.  But Mommy and Daddy aren't going to have any more babies right now."

They continued their teeth cleaning and therein went the rest of the nightly bed time routine.


Here we were again the next morning.  Same place, different time.  I was dressed and standing beside my 3 year old brushing our teeth side by side.  He suddenly reached over from his step stool and lifted up my striped t-shirt to reveal a much flatter stomach than was there last night from an 8 hour famine due to sleep.  He rubbed it not so gently then began to smack my belly hard over and over again and asked, "Why you eat so many cookies Mommy?"

Oh dear God.  

Maybe I shouldn't have eaten so many cookies...but it sure was time to eat my words.  

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