Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Big Brother to the Rescue

The crying begins and I hold my tongue about to call out Adrian's name sharply for bothering his brother once again.  But Adrian wasn't near him.  He wasn't even in the same room.  My littlest was simply frustrated not being able to do something on his own...his crying face is heartbreaking.  And Mommy's help would not do.  "Not you Mommy.  I do it on my own!"

But he can't.

He sits crying and I stand a few feet away helpless.  No hugging or soft words of encouragement were wished for.  He wanted me to leave him alone.  

My eldest's footsteps came from behind me.  Then around me and towards his little brother.  He sat down beside him.  In his arms was Sleepy Sheepy, Finley's favourite stuffed, silent, sleeping companion.

"I brought you Sleepy Sheepy Finley."  He waggles the soft, large floppy sheep him in front of his face and says the cutest words that have ever come out of his 4 year old little mouth, in the sweetest voice I ever did hear..."What are those wet things on your cheeks?"  Sleepy Sheepy kisses the wet spots off of his face and then he waggles him in front of his face again.  I see the faintest hint of a smile on Finley's lips.

Then Finley winds up and punches his favourite stuffed animal in the face.    

Adrian makes Sleepy Sheepy fall dramatically to the floor with a big, "Ahhhhhhh!"  

They both fall over cracking up and I giggle to myself as I watch from the kitchen hoping that it won't be the last time I see Finley's big brother to the rescue.  Minus the punching of innocent bystanders of-course.

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