Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Peach and the Bird

My boys are like any other brothers together.  They play, they bicker, they wrestle, they love.

When I overhear them playing it's usually Spiderman verses the Green Goblin.  Sometimes it's the 'red Spiderman against black Spiderman'.  They also play hide and seek, cars and dance to music together.  But sometimes...sometimes what they play is just too random, funny and bizarre for this 34 year old's Motherbrain to wrap my head around.

These are the moments I'd love to curl up in their little boy brains and see how it really ticks...


"Finley!  Do you want to play 'The Bird Eats the Peach?'"  They were bouncing around on our king bed while I tided up the chaotic mess of papers, jewelry and coins on our dresser.

"Yeah!"  Being the little brother who looks up to his big brother like he's his whole world, the answer is always affirmative.

They faced each other crouched down, the inner sole's of their right feet touching.

Adrian began the chant alternating touching the top of Finley's foot and his own.

"Goat, goat.  Let the story begin."

Did he just mention goats you ask?  Oh yes.  Yes he did.

They split up to opposite ends of the big bed. Finley curled up on his feet with his hands underneath his knees and his chin tucked in - like a peach I'm assuming - Adrian was the bird.

"Oooo...this looks like a good one!" Adrian exclaims! He attempts to pick Finley up and they both fall over with a bounce to the mattress.

"Let's play again!  Finley you're the bird now."

And the game began again.  This time with Adrian in the curled up 'peach position.'

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