Sunday, June 24, 2012

Standing Under His Umbrella

I stood on our back deck, 2 year old on my hip, 4 year old by my side.  We were watching the massive dark clouds rolling in.  A good Ontario storm was brewing.  We are lovers of storms in this home of ours.

Minus the dog of-course.  Is there a dog in the world that can appreciate a great storm?  I've never met one.

The deep rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightening were on full display above the trees in the large field just beyond our house.  The rain had yet to drop but the heat and humidity of the day was giving way to a cool breeze.

My  boys would turn to me with blue eyes as big as saucers, their mouths shaped into a perfect 'O' every time they would hear the faintest of sky grumbles.

"Oh! I felt a rain drop!" Exclaimed my eldest.

"Oh!  So did I!"  Tiny droplets of water sat on my arm, cool, clear and refreshing.

"I guess I won't be doing the grocery shopping tonight."  I stated.

"Why?"  My eldest inquired.

"Well, I don't want to go out and get groceries in the middle of a thunderstorm."  I explained.

Without missing a beat he replied...

"I will protect you Mumma."

My heart grew a little more right then...with those simple words.

They say a boy's Mother is his first love.  It begins with their first flirtatious smiles as a newborn, moving on to sweet kisses, then dandelion bouquets and now begins the promise of protection.

It's a beautiful thing.  There really are no other words.

And so...we went grocery shopping together.  Just the two of us.

I felt completely safe.

And entirely happy.

I set up the bean bag at the front door during a good heavy storm a few weeks back.
They loved every minute of it.  Except when the rain came in through screen and soaked us all.
Aren't their linked arms just heart melting?
I know.

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middle child said...

It is good that you are teaching your boys that a thunderstorm is fun. They are adorable.