Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Dozen (plus!) Reasons Why I love my Husband

My husband is pretty great and I hate to admit it but I probably don't give him enough credit for all that he does and all that he is.  So today, in honour of my hard working, wonderful hubby for Father's Day, I have made a list of why I love him the most...

1. He makes up the best superhero bed time stories for the boys.

2. He's super affectionate, always giving hugs and kisses to our boys (and me) and telling them how much he loves them - "I love you the most!"

3. He knows when I've had enough and either tells me to get out of the house (in the nicest way) or pours me a big glass of wine.

4. He's really hot even when he looks pissed off (especially) and in safety glasses.

5. He loves my best friend (almost) as much as I do.

6. He's very good at reminding me that we're on the same team - even when I'm acting like we're on opposing ones.

Celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary.

7. He has GREAT legs.

And a great golf swing too apparently (not that I would know).

8. He doesn't ask for much from us...ever.  All he ever wants for Father's Day is a homemade card from the boys and time spent together as a family.

Yes.  I made that.  Even I can't believe it.

9. He's close to his Mother.  And if there's anything that I wish for my relationship with my boys it's that they love and respect me as much as my husband loves and respects his Mom.  (You did a wonderful job Nancy - thank you).

Yes, that IS his Mother.  Beautiful lady.
10.  He can do this....

11. He only gets a little bit mad for a mere brief moment when I (unknowingly!) use 100 dollar vodka to make a pitcher of Caesar's for our guests...

Tastiest Caesar's ever and then we found out why.
Look at how happy it is too!

12. He still looks at me like this...

13. He cleans his whiskers up after shaving...AND! puts the toilet seat down when finished.

14. And most importantly?  He has a FANTASTIC sense of humour.  Even when he's (slightly) being teased by his wife.

Oh yes.  I hit the jackpot folks.

Happy Father's Day honey.  XO


Kristin said...

such a great list. omg, he cleans up his whiskers! lucky lady you are!
i love that he tells you to go or pours you wine. THAT i think is so very important in the game of parenthood and life. well done john! and how gorgeous do you both look on your wedding day! love it!

Tanya said...

So sweet! I love your husband too...and laughed really hard when I read about the Vodka, I must say, damned good ceasars!! xox

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Erin O'Halloran said...

Amazing list. I guessed a few of them before I read it (legs for sure!). Love you both so much!