Monday, May 21, 2012

Denied a Dance (for the first time)

His face appeared round, flushed and expectant at the back door.  His small chest bare, clad in his Green Lantern bathing suit, he had one hand against the door, the other holding up an empty blue sippy cup.

I walked over and slid open up the heavy glass door.  He stepped into the cool air of our home and I quickly shut the door to keep out the heat of the day.  It was an unseasonably warm summer-like day.

"Hi angel!"

"Mummaaa!  I need more water.  But I want to put it in myself!"

I picked up his not so small body, too big to be carried really, but I still do.  I sat him on the edge of the sink.  Music played in the back ground.  A song I wanted to dance to with my son.

I turned on the faucet and we filled his cup together.  

"I want to put the top on!"

He placed the top on, twisting it to tighten it just so, without help from me.

For the first time

A sweet song by Bruno Mars (Count on Me) was playing.  I swooped him into my arms from the kitchen counter and into the small 'dancing area' of our living room and spun around.

He protested.  His little boy hands with blue sippy cup pushing gently against my chest.  Orange-summer-scented sunscreen surrounded us.  

Even still I twirled with him to the music.  

"It's booorrrring!  I want to go play with my friends!"

With a mixed smile and a small forced laugh I reluctantly conceded lowering his bare feet down onto the cool wooden floor.

He walked to the glass sliding doors where he'd come in from as I stood rooted to the spot where we'd briefly danced.

He opened the sliding glass doors, pausing briefly before exiting.  He looked back at me his smile perfect and happy.  

"It's a beautiful day!" he declared before stepped out into the bright sunshine, running across the hot deck to jump through the sprinkler with his friends.

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