Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It`s only hair.

That hair!
Remember when Jennifer Aniston chopped her long locks off into a bob and everyone went bananas?  Well, not that I'm comparing my kids to celebrities or anything but that's kinda what happened yesterday...with my boys.

You see...I have (or had, up until yesterday) an aversion to cutting my boys hair.  Call it wanting to keep them babies forever or me a hippie (I`m not - though my name might mistake me for one) or whatever you wish but they've always (all 2.5 and 4 yrs of their sweet lives) had longish hair.  Everywhere I'd take my boys it was inevitable that I would get stopped at least a couple of times and get comments like "That hair!  I wish I had hair like that!" or "Wow...your kids have great hair."  I'm sure for people that didn't know my name but saw me frequently (like the grocery store, library, community centres) I could very well have been referred to as 'The Mom of the boys with 'the hair'. There was the occasional mix up of-course...referring to him as a her but I can't blame those people for their mistake - my boys have soft features.  My neighbour often says I could put a dress on Finley and he`d pass as a girl.  It`s true.  I make pretty boys.

After far too many battles with the brush and detangler spray I finally decided it was time for a change.  After all...it's just hair right?  I never had an issue chopping my locks off in my younger, more daring days...

Yes...that's me.
I asked my 2 year old who that woman was and he said `Superman`
I`m not sure what to take from that.

So it`s a horribly unflattering photo...clearly I`d had a few
glasses of wine and was feeling oh so celebratory.
Obviously my husband was having a good time as well.
 It was a wedding after all.

As my eldest son`s curls fell to the ground in perfect, beautiful ringlets I started to feel a bit faint. She was sheering him like a sheep for God`s sakes.  I resisted the very strong urge to wrestle those clippers out of her hand and run screaming from the shop, both boys under my arms, my son`s hair half shorn.  It was difficult...but I remained calm.  Though I`m sure the hairdresser started become a bit annoyed after my 50th ``OHMYGODOHMYGOD``.

After I`d posted a few pics to facebook the responses, emails and messages...the OMG`S and WHAT`s!!! kept rollin`in!  Both my son`s hair do`s were practically as famous as Jennifer`s!

I actually kind-of like this look.  Very `Flock of Seagulls`
What can I say...kid can rock an 80`s do.

He looks so BIG and handsome.
I miss those curls already.
Next up was my baby.  He`d had two `invisible` haircuts in his 2 years of life - meaning that less than an inch was taken off each time.  And though his hair wasn`t full of the curls like his older brother he still had beautiful hair.

And there it goes...
I didn`t think my kid could get cuter.
I was proven wrong.
Now those are some cool (and much older!) looking
dudes with their token after haircut lollipop.
Don`t worry everyone - this was taken in my driveway at
a complete stop...which means there`s no excuse for
the lopsided angle this was taken at.  

I must admit, looking back at Adrian`s beautiful head of curls, that I miss it already.  I`m a hair tossler and am constantly playing with their hair...but now there`s none to toss or play with. *sobsob*

But - sigh - it is just hair.  It grows back eventually.  Mine did.


Tara Pohlkotte said...

it's hard to let them go through these phases of growing up! I keep my sons long(er) not as long as your boys, but not buzzed as is the norm here in Wisconsin... one day he went with his dad and came back with it to his scalp. I thought I'd cry, but you know what? it was summer freeing. and you're right. it grew back,and now, I play with it again :)

Stacey said...

Well, they do look super cute, and I like how the cut shows off their beautiful faces. BUT - I completely understand. I cried at both my oldest boys'' first haircuts, esp W's since they took off his curls. :-( We keep their hair slightly longer than most of the kids we know, but it's still not long enough for my husband. (Crazy that he would be the one wanting them to have long hair!)

Kristin said...

well that is a big and brave move on your part! ; ) well done! you made it through it and your boys are as cute as ever!

Mel said...

Oh they look super adorable! What a big step!