Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh. My. God! I'm, like, SO popular!

I got another award!  My friend Ado, over at the very charming Momalog site, bestowed upon me this great honour.  You know who else was on her list....The Bloggess! (I can't believe I was including along with the BLOGGESS).

Thank you Ado!  And now I must reciprocate...this is the fun part!

The Tell Me About Yourself Award requires the recipient to:

  • Thank the person who gave the award. (see above)
  • List 7 things that people may not know about you.
  • Pass the award to 15 other bloggers and notify them.
  • Post the badge on your blog.

Seven things no one ever needed to know about me but I must tell you anyway (because of this award):

1) I have a slight ocd when it comes to peeling clementines.  I must do it in one fell peel.

Otherwise someone might die.  

2)  I like my toilet paper roll to be placed so that the paper is pulled from underneath.  Even though, technically speaking (if we want to get all weirdly technical, talking about toilet paper) it makes it much harder to tear.  I know. This is all probably way too much information.

3.  I have a secret (or not so secret anymore) love for 80's music.  Specifically cheesy 80's love songs.  A-ha - Take on Me?  Patrick Swayze - She's like the wind?  REO Speedwagon - Keep on Loving You?  Foreigner - Waiting for a Girl like you?  Peter Cetara - Glory of Love...I sang that song to my husband who was my boyfriend at the time while running up and down sand dunes entirely enebriated the first time we went camping together.

It was clear he had to marry me after that.

4.  I cry every time I read "Love you Forever" by Robert Munsch to my boys.  I simply cannot get through that book.

Even though it gets a bit creepy near the end.  

5.  I was addicted to nasal spray for a year.  I had no idea why I was so stuffed up all the time.  Apparently I was allergic to my cat.  My husband weaned me nostril at a time.  He too had the same addiction at one point in his life.

Aaand.  That is why we're meant to be.

6.  I hate...I mean hate horror movies.  I watched The Grudge and The Ring once and almost had a seizure just from sheer fear.

7.  I remember reading this children's book as a child about a girl that shrinks and goes into her couch cushions and finds giant pieces of popcorn and coins and such.  I loved that book but I can't find it and have no idea what it's called.  Or maybe it was just a dream I had once.  Anyway, if you know of a book like this (and it wasn't just a weird random dream that has been stuck in my head for decades)...please let me know what it's called.

Blogs worth reading on a regular basis

1.  The Momalog - okay, so she gave me this award, does this mean I'm breaking rules?  I'm such a rebel.  But I do love her to bits...even if she did think I was Australian up until a couple of months ago.  Read her Bio. It's what sucked me in.

2.  I'm Living Proof God has a Sense of Humour - she has TWO SETS OF TWINS guys!  Now that makes for some awesomely funny blog fodder.  And she has a wonderful serious side too.  Read about her journey here.

3. The Mommy Therapy - I love me some hilarious parenting blogs and Leslie delivers.  She's bluntly honest without being cringeworthy.  You can always relate and you will always laugh.  Check out one of her recipe-ish posts here.  They are a favourite of mine.

4.  My 3 Little Birds  - Mary Lauren writes straight from the heart. Every time I read her blog it's like I get a breath of fresh air...she inspires me to write better.  Breath of Life is a perfect example.

5.  House Unseen - Dwija's positivity radiates through everything she writes.  Start here: I don't believe in Too Hard and be sure to continue on to all three parts.  It's fascinating stuff.

6.  An (un)Common Family - it's true Laura's family is special...yet ordinary.  She's an adoptive parent of two beautiful children.  She writes open and honest accounts of her everyday life...with loads of humour mixed in.  Must read:  Oh Hell No! I will Not Drive a Minivan!!!

7.  Flux Capacitor - beautiful, heartaching, uplifting, raw, poetic, passionate.  Love Maggie May's writing.  Read this!

8.  Enjoying the Small Things - the photography, the writing, the love Kelle pours out into everything she does on her hugely popular (rightly so) blog. Read (with lots of kleenex at your side - preferable a box) this. Please.

9.  These Little Waves - Galit's writing is lyrical, right from the soul.  This guest post at Shell's, caught my heart and stayed in my mind.

10.  Things I Can't Say - I always enjoy what Shell writes and this post is one of my favourites.  Shell is one of the kindest, entirely relatable, most supportive blogger's out there.

11.  Mommy Nani Booboo - Jenni's writing and sense of humour is offbeat in the best way.  And she just had her second baby not too long ago...that definitely makes for some good blogging material.  You must read her 8 line poetry.

12.  The Daily Doty - Though Amber is hysterical and I love her humour I also adore her more somber peices.  Like this one.

13. Not Ever Still - I just found Robin's blog a few months ago and it quickly graduated to one of my favourites.  Here's one of my favourites - Vespers...and read the following post after it for a good laugh.

14.  Four Plus an Angel - Jessica comes across as super sweet yet she is an incredibly strong woman.  This post in particular spoke to me.  It's something I think about all the time as a Mother.

15.  Momosyllabic - She's way to smart to follow my blog (I often have to google a reference or a word she throws in there) ... but she does.  And, and I'm listed above The Bloggess on her Blogroll.  Not that that means anything or...anything.  Anyway.  Erm. Her kids say the best things.  Read these: What Winton Said and Clara and Un-Love

Now please visit lovelinks check out some awesome writing and return tomorrow to vote for 3 of your faves!  And I'm not saying you HAVE to pick mine. (yesyoudo) 

And thanks to Ado who forced encouraged me to link up.  ;)


Jessica said...

Wow thank you so much for the honor. I too HATE horror films and you seriously need to vlog your clementine peeling talent.

Ado said...

Oh I just loved this post! I had such a laugh!
I especially loved the nasal spray addiction bonding between the two of you lovebirds. You really ARE compatible.
I don't know the name of that book but will ask my bookworms for you.
And all those blogs - I will check out the ones I haven't already - they looks so good!
PS: Who says The Bloggess isn't fawning over the fact that she was listed in my little award with YOU? (-:
PSPS: Put another shrimp on the barbie, mate.

momosyllabic said...

Shucks! That's a really nice shout out. Thanks :-)

Helene said...

Congratulations on your award!!! I can totally understand what you mean about peeling a clementine. It's the same kind of rush I get when I peel an egg and the shell comes off beautifully in just one huge piece!

Thank you for passing it on!!!

Karen Peterson said...

Sometimes, the only song that fits is a cheesy 80s love song.

But, I'm sorry, toilet paper has to roll over the top.

my3littlebirds said...

January, what an honor to be on this list. Thank you so much!

Laura {A(n) (un)Common Family} said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so kind to include me among great bloggers. I can so relate on some of these. Okay, not the nasal spray (it's okay that I laughed, right?), but oh yes on the horror movies!! xo

Galit Breen said...

Oh, thank you girl {so much!}!

This is so very sweet and generous of you!

Lydia said...

I love Take Me On! I was listening to that earlier today and I hate horror movies. We don't watch them anymore because I tend to stay up all night and poke my husband awake everytime I hear a creak in the house. Very cool about the clemintine peeling and I'm hoping for a vlog on this too.
Found you through lovelinks and Momalog. :)

A Morning Grouch said...

Any couple who shared the abuse and detox from nasal spray are clearly two peas in a pod. Loved reading the interesting tidbits!

Jamie said...

OMG, it DOES get creepy at the end...crawling in the window? Really? Great list of bloggers too!

XLMIC said...

Noooooo... not REO!!???

In agreement with vlogging your peeling skills :)

And I've found that certain situations call for different t.p. placement... if it's up high, from behind is actually best.

Fun to learn random tidbits about you :)

NayLahKnee LahKnee said...

Congrats and I look forward to reading some of the blogs you highlighted!!

Robin (noteverstill) said...

Thanks, love! You made my day yesterday :)

S.L. Bartlett said...

For the record, I like Robert Munsch's "I Have to Pee!", but that's just me. LOL
Congratulations! Well done.

Ado said...

PS: You got my vote this week at lovelinks. (-: Glad I forced you to link up, now maybe you're addicted? (-:

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Oh January, I am so honored to be on your list! I need to get back to being a better blogger, I truly do.

Now about your list- it breaks my heart just a little that you hang your toilet paper with the hanging part against the wall. How can you prefer this wacky method of roll hanging???? Sigh. ;P

But I am WITH you on the horror movies. Ugh. They. Are. the. WORST!

January Dawn said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I must say...the vlogging thing freaks me out a little bit. I'm MIGHT give a whirl though. It's good to face your fears...right? (except with horror movies!) I'm surprised at how many people HATE scary movies as much as I do!

And XLMIC - I don't know HOW I could possibly forget about REO Speedwagon. They are the ultimate cheesy 80's band.