Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How I Know I Dream in Colour

My boys and I were at a concert in a large field.

Lots of musicians played and beautiful day it was...then Taylor Swift came out onto the grass and led us to a far corner of this very large field to a stage that was like a pyramid with about 6 wide, large bleacher like steps leading up to the top.

I noticed a crowd of people to one side of the stage as my boys and I followed her.

We arrived and all of a sudden, the music started up and Kid Rock appeared on the top of this pyramid like stage.

The crowd, which happened to be a whole bunch of kids ranging from age 2 to 8 rushed up the stage and started dancing and singing.

A photographer was there too.

There was a tremendously carefree and joyful feeling about it all despite Kid Rock belting out tune that actually happened to be country.

I looked up as I sat on one of the lower benches and watched my boys dancing in the crowd of kids, not worried if they were going to fall.

Not worried at all.

And then, balloons...lots of gorgeous pastel coloured balloons floated up, up, up into the perfect blue sky from the hands of the children.

Yet not a child cried.

The whole time the dancing, singing and letting go of balloons was happening, I was holding this sweet boy, about 2.5 years old who happened to look a lot like Sofia Vergara and Al Bundy's son from Modern Family.  (I can never remember the names of the character's from the show).

I held him close, not wanting to let him go...my eyes were closed.


The feeling of that sweet boy's little body next to mine was so....right.

A shadow blocked the sun that I felt warm against my eyelids.

I could hear the photographer's voice telling me...

"Open your eyes...open your eyes...."

I didn't want to open my eyes.

But then when I did...this is what  I saw;

It was all just a dream as I lay beside
my son...I forget sometimes, to be
ever so grateful.

Sometimes you need to really open your eyes to know how lucky you truly are.

And I don't know what the significance of that little boy was...but I've always said I wanted to adopt...

My dreams have been known to come true now and again.

And if Taylor Swift and Kid Rock ever happen to do a duet together...well there you go.

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Ado said...

This was just beautiful, and so beautifully written - touching, I was carried along there with you - and those balloons!
PS: I have always wanted to adopt too.