Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summary of Ratatouille by a 3 year old and other random observations

Driving in the truck, my eldest completely out of the blue - and when I say completely out of the of the blue I mean that we had been driving for 15 minutes and he hadn't said a word -  says, "Mumma, in Ratatouille a blue rat climbs into Linguine's hat and he makes things.  He has a brown brother that's really round and fat.  And a Dad."

Confused by the randomness of this but thoroughly entertained as always, I respond,  "Yes.  Yes he does."

Adrian, "Yeah.  The brown rat is really squishy like this.  Really, really squishy."  I look in the rearview mirror to see him putting his hands together, one on top of another, arms stretched out in front of him flipping his hands around and around.

"Like this Mumma, see?"

I saw.  I just wasn't sure what exactly it was I was supposed to be seeing.

"I see honey."

"And Mumma?"

"Yes bud?"

"You should get your hair cut."


parentingadabsurdum said...

I love it!! Mine do this too. Their stream of consciousness just seems so random and awesome to us - while to them all those random utterances make complete sense!

Shell said...

Love kids' random thoughts! said...

Love random thoughts from precocious toddlers. I had these sort of conversations with my now 9 year old when she was a wee one.