Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In the (Mom)ent

Today I'm linking up over at My 3 Little Birds. Mary Lauren is one of my favourite writers/bloggers who's pieces fill and light up the soul.  Pay a visit.  You won't be disappointed.


When the chaos of the day emits a feeling of charge and chase

When there are a million things to do and a thousand places to go

I want to stop and sit





Memorize every little bit of who they are

Right now

More often lately I do

An overused catchphrase, the saying 'they grow up so fast'

Though the truth of it often rings too clear and too bright

One day they lie swaddled, fitting perfectly in your arms

Peacefully asleep, your breathing attuned to theirs


Time slips by unnoticed until you wake up one day and they've become too heavy to carry

They want to dress themselves, pour their own milk

Speak in full sentences

It's startling, catching me at a heartrending glance

Making my heart seize and capsize all at once

Like a slip of a breeze through the window of time


                   and there it goes

With those infuriating days where you wish for the day to end, for bedtime cannot come fast enough


I watch them at their craft table, sunlight streaming through the window as they sit closely, heads tilted toward one another, their sweet voices chattering

My eldest reading to his little brother by soft lamplight in his room as I get their bath ready

In the tub taking his baby brother's toes gently in his big boy hands and singing "This little piggy went to market..." as my youngest smiles eagerly, chin tucked and turned in anticipation for the tickles

I take a mental snapshot

I don't ever want to forget it

In the reaching for the camera, at times the magical moment is broken

In a world where cameras, phones, technology are constantly at our fingertips we forget to simply embrace our senses

And enjoy

Each sweet moment for what it is

Sometimes it's just the remembering of those cherished times that can bring back the scent, the feeling, the deep heart of it all

Thinking back to some of my favourite childhood memories

There are no pictures for them

Just the sense of being





Kara @ June & Bear said...

All so very true. Lovely post.

Jen said...

This was so lovely. I totally get it!! "They grow up so fast"...they REALLY do!!! Sometimes it catches me off guard, and I get a little weepy that this is true.

seadrift said...

The thing is - we do forget the mental snapshots, mostly, the ones we intend to recall. The strange thing is that our memories collect moments, single moments - and present these to us years later and we remember it all, from a feeling, a moment - it's so strange. I totally know what you mean about the passage of time - it's too fast but also to slow all at the same time, and my mother's instinct is to just put a stop to it. (-:

seadrift said...

Oops that was from me, Ado, not Seadrift. (-:

my3littlebirds said...

Very sweet. I was just asking my 2 year old today to promise not to grow up. And really, thank you for your very sweet words about my writing. It means more than I can tell you.

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Sweet and touching post. Beautifully written!