Monday, October 3, 2011

And then he....didn't kiss me.

So,  I pretty much smother my kids with affection.  Like most Mothers do.

I munch on their toes, kiss them all over their faces, bury my face in their delicious little necks, nuzzle their chubby bellies (well, Finley's belly - my 3.5 year old has a six pack somehow already), and basically eat them up every day.  Which is funny because I've never really been an overtly affectionate person.  I suppose a lot of things change when you have children.  Me?  I've become a big pile of mushy goo.

I'd like to think they love me as much as I do them.

My 3.5 year old is as affectionate as they come.  He's constantly sitting on my lap, giving or asking for hugs and kisses a million times a day.

He'll take my hand if we're walking (anywhere) and give it a kiss.  And yes, he even opens doors for me, and says "After you."

Fact - chivalry is not dead.  We just have to teach it to our sons.

Today, he was sitting with me on the couch, one cushion over (unusual as he's usually in the crook of my arm) and as he was watching his morning cartoons out of the blue jumped over to me and said, "I just came over to give you a hug and a kiss Mumma." and then went right back to watching his cartoons stuck to my side beside me.

I'd like to think I had something to do with that of-course.

But sometimes...I wonder.

Will Finley be just as loving as I smother him to death am towards him?  Did I simply get lucky with Adrian?

He was sitting on the counter as I was getting some lunch ready for him (yes, *gasp* sitting on the counter).  I was standing in front of him and I asked him as I always do a thousand times a day, "Kiss?"

I usually get a big pucker and a sweet juicy kiss.


I got a big bad "NO!"

Um.  Pardon?

So I did what I do best when my boys hurt my feelings.

I fake cry.

They do it to me.  All.the.time.  What's good for the goose is good for the gander or something like that.  (what does that even mean?)

Then.  Because I manipulated him made him feel bad...

He takes my face in his delicious little hands and says, "Okay."

He brings my face thisclose to his.  His big blue eyes are sparkling, his smile coy.

And then.

He turns his cheek and leans in.

Dissed by my 23 month old.


Not the best picture (another phone pic) but I love it.
And I love those sweet baby faces.


Lisa said...

I totally do the fake cry. PJ always runs over and takes my face in his hands and pats my face and gives me a kiss.

I can't wait for Maggie to start. :)

Shell said...

Aw, little punk.

I want my boys to want mommy kisses for a long time!

Amber_D said...

Cold as ice!

Mine are both pretty over the whole mommy smothering them in affection thing. I just do it anyway and make them scream Yuck! at me. :)

Mommy2¢ said...

I do stuff like that all the time! The fake cry thing works like a charm with my 6 yr old daughter, it all depends on which personality she's working with that day *she's a chip off the ol' block!*

btw...I love to tackle my kids down to the ground and kiss their faces all over to the point they're practically in tears begging to be let up. Then I laugh...cuz it's cute...and funny! They must not hate it that much cuz when I finally let them up they'll want me to chase them and do it all over again! Wonder how they'll feel about it when I'm still doing it to them at like 15 & 16?? ;^)