Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Feeling Peevish

We all have pet peeves. And today I'm feeling a teeny peevish.  My husband has been away on business for 5 days and there's still 5 more to go.  My children have been pretty great considering but today we're all out of sorts.  They miss their Daddy and I miss my Husband.  It's normal.  And it's also normal to let the little things get to you when your usual routine is today I thought I'd just go with it and get it all out people.  Here are my top 10 pet peeves as of this moment (and then some)...

1.  Blogger was my number one pet peeve for a long time due to many complaints from my regular readers that they couldn't leave comments (and we ALL love to get comments!).   Then a lovely blogger named Kim from The Child gave me some great advice and what do you know - now they can!  And now you can too.  Go on of all days...I need to feel the love.

2.  Smokers loitering out front of stores within the designated amount of feet that the sign indicates - especially with my babies.  Puff away to your tainted heart and lungs content ... just don't do it where me and my babies are and taint ours.  Thanks so much!

3.  People that reverse into parking spots.  Why do they feel it necessary? My poor husband was on the receiving end of a vicious rant while we waited for hours minutes behind a lady that had the need to back into this one particular parking spot even though there clearly were a million others available.  Of-course John being the irritating devil's advocate said "Well, maybe they're uncomfortable backing out of parking spot and into traffic".  I say - then clearly you shouldn't be driving.

4.  People that hold the bar of the treadmill while 'exercising'. Unless you are checking your heart rate holding onto that bar for dear life completely defeats the purpose of working out.  Let it GO.  Sweat a little.  Raise that heart beat!  It actually feels good.  YOUR. AT. A. GYM.

5.  And speaking of irritants at the gym and treadmills.  I get inexplicably annoyed at the Lululemon clad girls in ponytails prancing on the treadmill. It could have something to do with the fact that as I watch their pony's bounce perkily back and forth in front of me my boobs bounce lower and lower to the ground. Jealousy isn't a good look for me I realize. I'm working on it.

6.  While we're still hanging out at the gym and I'm trying not to twitch with all the annoyances occurring around me (it's a good thing I work out to feel good) I'm on the treadmill (NOT holding the bar - running...sweating, boobs falling bouncing) watching The Nate Berkus Show, the teleprompter keeps misspelling everything...not to mention the person typing doesn't understand the grammar difference between serial and cereal.  What are the qualifications exactly for a job of this kind?

7.  Grocery cashiers that pack my bags randomly, cluelessly and carelessly.  Do they not have proper training for them?!  Even still, isn't it common sense that meat should always be packed separately and cans and bread should never, ever share the same space...who doesn't know this??  I came home the other day from shopping with 2 of my canned goods dented!  I KNOW for a fact these were perfectly fine when I bought them because I'm OCD very careful about ensuring that my family and friends I cook for aren't eating lasagna with a side of botulism.

8.  Litter bugs.  I can't even pitch an apple core out of my truck window without feeling like a bad, bad person.  Therefore it absolutely boggles my mind that people are still completely ignorant in this day and age to mindlessly throw garbage on the streets or out their car window!  ARGH.

9.  Parking spots reserved for New Mothers and Child, Mother's to be and Mom and Tots.  They are all different.  Can't some specs be in order for these signs!!!???  I get confused, anxious and addled when I read them. And then I feel guilty when I'm with my boys and park in one of those spots only to see after I'm parked that it's reserved for "New Mom's."  How new is new anyway???  What's the age limit to qualify or disqualify for being 'new'???  Newborns obviously are 'new' (duh) but my boys are pretty young still.  I feel like I'm still kinda new at the whole Mom job most days.  Can anyone out there shed some light for me?

10.  T.V. cooking personalities that clearly have no accent while chatting away to the cameras but as soon as parmesano-reggiano is introduced they have a full fledged exaggerated Italian accent.  Not that I'm mentioning any names here...Giada de Laurentiis.

11.  Bad drivers, obsessive bb and iphone users, fb updates that no one understands but them or that are downright depressing and last but not least...I'm exponentially peeved when I'm craving some serious chocolate.

And I have none.


Shell said...

You need chocolate.

Your #5 made me laugh!

Lisa said...

I HATE when people back into parking spots. HATE HATE HATE. I also agree with most of your other peeves. My grocery store one though it the sheer NUMBER of bags they give me. I don't need my cookies in their own bag. I don't need All of my meat individually wrapped. This is why I like to bring my own bags.

Ellen said...

#3 - It's supposed to be safer. UPS teaches this to their drivers. I disagree.
#4 - I do this (when I used to go the gym).
#5 - Wait until you're my age.
#6 - One of my pet peeves.
#9 - You no longer can be called a new mom when everybody is diaper trained.
#11 - Agree...very dangerous.

Kristin said...

Not a big fan of the 'back in' husband does it! And I ALWAYS comment when I'm there to see this!
His response....."You must not be able to "back in park!" Can't win!
Apparently stats say, it is safer to this! What do I know??!!
Although, thinking about this now...cuz quite honestly I haven't give it this much thought....It makes totaly sense if you're job may call you out in the middle of the night! Haha
C'mon...I'm tryin!

Stacey said...

Must chime in with COMPLETE agreement with #s 2, 3, 7, 8, 10,& 11. I pretty much never go to the gym, so those don't bother me so much. :-) My husband and I think reverse parking is an air force thing. He is almost the only person we know who doesn't do this. Are these people really saving that much time??? And don't get me started on the grocery bagging. I bring my own bags and separate things how I want them bagged - how is that so hard for people to follow? And the way most people bag's much too fragile AND expensive to just throw in there! Okay, clearly I needed to vent today, and I probably need a glass of wine too! ;-)