Thursday, May 26, 2011

I, Poop

There are two things in life that are true for everyone:

1) We all want love
2) We all poop

Today, I'm talking about number two.

*cue hysterical laughter*

This afternoon when my husband returned home from work I took my big boy out to Zellers.

Yes, Zellers.

His idea.

He simply wanted to "Look at the toys, just a little bit "  (his index finger and thumb showing me how little the little bit was)

And that's what he actually loves to do.  Look at the toys, press the buttons, wander the aisles, ask me "what does this do?" and "what is this Mumma?".

I ended up buying him a lightsaber - his red and John's (because "I need someone to play with and Daddy likes green") green.

It wasn't because he asked for it (he actually said "I already have it" with a confused look on his face holding it up to me when I asked him if he wanted it...I had to clarify "Do you want me to buy this for you?")

After the purchase of 2 lightsabers, 5 pounds of sidewalk chalk and a small bag of chocolate mini-eggs we arrived home.

All the neighbours and kids were out playing.

I was feeling like I had some business to attend to (if you know what I mean) and whisked him in the house calling for John who was upstairs watching a movie with my little one.  I told Adrian that he had to wait to go outside and I might have said to my husband in passing, "I have to poop so bad right now".

Yes, this is what my marriage has come to folks.  Like I've said before marriage is no glamour party.

A few minutes later, my husband taps at the bathroom door and says, "Honey, you would be so mortified if you knew what Adrian just said."

Oh God.

I just knew.

Apparently, Luke, his 5 year old buddy asked him to come outside to play lightsabers with him and Adrian responded like so, (keep in mind there are about half a dozen neighbours standing right outside my front door)  "Lukey, I can't come outside.  I have to wait until my Mom's done pooping."

There's nothing to be embarrassed about now right?  I just told random strangers a poop story about me and now my entire neighborhood knows that I poop.  

Over it.


Life by Cynthia said...

You made me laugh so hard I almost pooped myself! Ok, not really. I'm sorry to laugh at your expense...but your post is too funny. Love!


Shell said...

OMG. Kids will tell people everything, won't they???

January Dawn said...

Oh Cynthia...I forgive you for laughing at me. I laugh at me too. All the time.

Yes, Shell...much too much. I'm sure you can relate. ;)