Friday, March 18, 2011


This morning while eating breakfast Adrian was muttering some words in between bites of his blueberry waffles.

They sounded like "hump, hump, hump, kill, kill, kill"

I was totally freaked out.  What, where, who would he learn these words from???

With heart pounding, feeling a bit ill, I asked Adrian as calmly as I could, "Honey, can you say that a little louder?"

"Hump, hump, hump!  Kill, kill, kill!"  That's what I heard.....again!

Oh dear God.

"It's a song" he tells me.

A song?!  Where was he listening to RAP music?!!

Oh man.

"A song?  Can you sing the song for me?"

"Alice the camel has 4 humps!" he sings proudly holding up 5 fingers

Okay.  So he needs to work on pronouncing the word "camel".

And maybe his math skills.

How relieved do I feel right now.


Ellen said...

I love it GG. Can I assume "kill" was his version of camel? I love your writing style.

January Dawn said...

I always thought Adrian was exceptionally articulate however, this has proven to me otherwise

Anonymous said...

i love reading your blogs.. i'm a friend of ambers and she sent me your link... its nice to read about other mommies out there with little ones.. great writing and very relatable!!! :)

January Dawn said...

Thank you so much!!!